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Ordergroove Company Overview

Ordergroove helps retailers and brands make themselves indispensable to their customers’ lives by anticipating their needs (with data science) and being there to frictionlessly capture the Order, Reorder or Subscription at any and every channel — online, retail stores, mobile, SMS, Facebook, Voice, IoT and whatever comes next. We call this movement from episodic transactions to ongoing customer relationships Relationship Commerce.

Our Relationship Commerce Cloud is coupled with deep data science and a team of marketing and merchandising experts that drive an increase in purchase frequency and annual spend for brands and retailers including Walmart, Nestle, PetSmart, Vitamin Shoppe, illy, L’Oreal and hundreds of others.

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New York
**Please note this is a part-time position (two days per week) based on-site in our New York City office. **This is an ideal role for someone currently in university, pursuing their Accounting degree! Were passionate marketers, engineers and innovators building the technology to power the future of commerce. Were a B2B SaaS platform helping the worlds most interesting retailers and direct-to-consumer brands remove friction from the customer experience to deliver recurring revenue through subscriptions programs - shifting their consumer...
HR, Finance, & Operations
New York
The Data team at Ordergroove is looking to hire a Data Scientist to join our growing lineup. Our team impacts the lives of millions of consumers through Ordergroove's AI platform which powers the retail experience of some of world's largest brands. On this platform the data science team is creating the foundational infrastructure for a new collection of data and AI driven products to enable frictionless commerce. If youre interested in a crucial role designing and building insights that feed highly visible products, then this role might be for you. What you will do: Devise,...
Software Engineering/QA

Be part of something special

The future of shopping is not shopping. It's getting what you want, when you need it without having to think about it. If you're passionate about upending the consumer experience and making a difference in their (your) life, then Ordergroove is the place for you.

Our Core values

  • What you see is what you get
  • We're in it to win it
  • We drive results
  • We're comfortable being uncomfortable

Max Markowitz
Max Markowitz
Account Executive

When you're part of the Enterprise Sales team you'll craft business strategies for some of the world's largest retailers and brands, bringing new innovations to market to help them capture and grow valuable consumer relationships. Plus, our uncapped commission plan means the sky's the limit!

Sopie Assi
Sopie Assi
Senior Accountant

We're looking for self-starters with the confidence to work directly with senior leadership and cross-functionally with all the teams in a fast-paced, collaborative atmosphere.

Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez
Applications Architect

Join the technology team if you want a voice and decision-making power. We're looking for the curious and constant learners -- we believe the more you know, the greater your impact and the stronger the team.  

75 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004


September 30, 2020
In this post I will explore different techniques of dealing with feature heterogeneity as part of a SaaS B2B platform. Welcome!The product, a tale by every SaaS companyIn the beginning, your company created The Product.You invested in The Product by adding features to it, improving existing ones, and even occasionally making a responsible call and pruning some functionality that you believed was no longer useful. You cared for it. You were good to The Product, and had big dreams for it.The Pr...
August 5, 2020
Unit testing is defined as testing an individual unit of work in isolation, without testing any dependency.It’s a best practice to have reasonable code coverage using unit tests. Code coverage measures how much of a section of code has been executed by tests. The best way to get the maximum coverage is to cover as many branches of code as possible, but that’s a topic for another blog post.Today we would like to focus on performing unit-tests using chai + proxyrequire and sinon. I will expla...
July 8, 2020
jeremyvarner.comScale is a common problem for any growing technology company. Early in a company’s lifecycle, development speed is often the top priority with the focus on creating a proof of concept and demonstrating the value of the company rather than on the scaling issues that are encountered by a larger company. When you’re trying to get one user, the last thing on your mind is scaling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of users. However, as a company gathers marketshare, the scale (p...
June 23, 2020
Big O notation can be intimidating to even the best programmers but it doesn’t have to be.Recently a friend asked me to explain algorithm efficiency and Big O Notation to them. This friend is teaching herself to code in order to make the switch from a role in IT infrastructure to one in DevOps. Like many, she’s been feeling intimidated by the thought of being asked about efficiency in an interview. Anyone who doesn’t have a formal Computer Science education might also be intimidated so I...
April 15, 2020
Test Driven Development — a personal accountThis is not a post on the benefits of TDD. This is not a post on why you should use TDD. This post is meant to be more of a story of how I picked up a tool once again and finally appreciated how to use it. So…what happened?I didn’t actually learn about unit testing until I was a year or so into my first job out of school. The big selling point was how it made your life easier through automation — we are software engineers; automation i...