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OpenFrame Company Overview

OpenFrame empowers real estate agents to easily create beautiful video tours in minutes using an elegant app and a unique portable 360° camera.

OpenFrame video tours help generate more leads, attract busy or out-of-town buyers, and engage buyers in a convenient and simple manner. Agents can win more listings without the hassle of expensive professional photography equipment or complex software. At OpenFrame, we are making cutting-edge 360° technology accessible and easy to use.

Jobs at OpenFrame

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At OpenFrame (GetOpenFrame.com), we’ve developed cutting-edge 360° technology that is accessible and easy to use. Using our elegant app and unique portable camera, real estate agents can create high quality video tours of properties in minutes. We are seeking Outside Sales Reps (“OSR”) to join our team and support new customer acquisition within his/her sales territory. As an OSR at OpenFrame, you will have an exciting and challenging opportunity to strategically engage real estate agents. The OSR will report directly to our VP of Sales. Key responsibilities include:...
Sales & Business Development
2 Ave de Lafayette
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Our approach is to make life simple (and amazing). Simplicity is all about removing the unnecessary from our products, processes, services and behaviors until all that remains is essential, genuine and useful. We remove complexity, complication, and difficulties, whether for our customers or our employees.


We are committed to responding to a changing landscape rather than following a plan. Our strength is our ability to seize opportunities, think, understand and adapt quickly. We challenge our employees to continually embrace changes both large and small with positivity and optimism.


We treat all of our customers, employees, co-workers, investors, suppliers and competitors with respect and dignity. We respect and value the differences. We admire the unique abilities and qualities of each human being and recognize that the next great idea will come from anyone, anywhere at any time.

Work Hard & Have Fun

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, our employees and shareholders. We expect nothing less from the people who work here. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. Take time to socialize, play, and relax. Recharge your batteries. Revel in your work and have fun.


December 3, 2018
It’s important to maintain a presence on the social networks your customers (or potential customers) are using, and there’s going to be overlap among them in terms of what your followers are looking for in the content you share....
November 15, 2018
Everyday we're asked by agents on the best way to use OpenFrame videos on Facebook....
November 12, 2018
Who do you know with beautiful virtual home tour and community videos?...
October 23, 2018
OpenFrame is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Giroptic, a pioneer and world leader in 360-degree cameras. As part of the acquisition, OpenFrame will acquire multiple patents that Giroptic has registered globally over the past decade....
October 16, 2018
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