ObserveIT User Monitoring and Prevention solutions help you detect, deter, investigate and eliminate insider threats.


200 Clarendon Street, Floor 21
Boston, MA 02116

Company Overview

ObserveIT helps our 1,600+ customers identify and eliminate insider threats. By having “eyes on the endpoint” and continuously monitoring user behavior, ObserveIT alerts Security and  IT teams about activities that put organizations at risk.

With advanced analytics, rich metadata, outstanding search capabilities and full video capture, ObserveIT provides comprehensive visibility into what people – contractors, privileged users and business users – are doing, and reduces investigation time from days or weeks to minutes.

Mission: Identify and Eliminate Insider Threats.

Awards & Recognition

  • Product of the Year Award, IT Professional Magazine, 2017

  • Best Cybersecurity Company, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, 2017

  • Best Places to Work 2017, Boston Business Journal, 2017

  • The Most Innovative Insider threat Solution for 2017, Cyber Defense Magazine, 2017

  • Best Insider Threat Solution, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, 2017

  • Top 100 Endpoint Security Software Vendor, CRN's 2017 Security 100 List, 2017

  • Best Foresnsics Solution, Info Security Product Guide Global Excellence Gold Award, 2017

  • Best Risk Management Solution, Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards, 2017

  • Best Database Security, Data Leakage-Protection/ Extrusion Prevention Solution, Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards, 2017

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Talk to Everyone: At ObserveIT we talk and collaborate with those around us daily. We proactively seek out information by talking to our colleagues to understand our customers and to build our company. We share ideas and feedback and believe in teamwork outside the structure of the 'team.' We practice cross-department collaboration by talking first and emailing second and by deliberately talking to someone new every day. At ObserveIT, there are no loners.

Welcome To Our Family: At ObserveIT, we are building an incredible team in a family atmosphere. We are made up of people; titles are secondary. We seek to understand first before needing to be understood. We regularly spend time together both as professionals and as a family. This provides a sense of belonging to people who care for our well-being. We have a 'no ego' approach to our work and share mutual respect regardless of job responsibility. We share separate differences of opinions in a polite and friendly way.

Competitive Drive: At ObserveIT we have a strong desire to win. We are driven every day to align ourselves for the best chance at success. We lead with intensity, and coming in second is not an option. We are hungry for doing and being more every day.

Learning/Sharing: At ObserveIT we believe in the 'pay it forward' mindset; in taking risks and making mistakes. We share what worked and what didn't work and invest in the success of others. Providing feedback is highly recommended not only from managers but also between colleagues. We individually want to be a part of the greater solution.

Different - The New Normal: At ObserveIT we like being a little different. We all bring unique perspective and ideas to the table. We choose to be loose and flexible and sell with honesty and a little humor. We're one big weird family.

Entrepreneurial: At ObserveIT we create original solutions by thinking outside the box for better outcomes. We recruit independent people and enable them to be creative. We like being able to do work that is not always defined in the job title. We want to enlarge our responsibilities. We are honest and reliable people.





December 20, 2017
From Vault 7 to WannaCry to Equifax, we’ve seen seemingly countless security incidents in the last year that have left sensitive data exposed. Malicious hackers have found new ways to compromise classified systems and information, and naïve users continue to put organizations at risk. As we wrap up 2017, it’s important for companies reflect on […] The post The 5 Biggest Data Breaches of 2017 appeared first on ObserveIT. ...
December 15, 2017
Forces of stormtroopers, councils of Jedi, and squadrons of alliance pilots will flock to theaters to watch the latest installment in the Star Wars series – The Last Jedi.  Fans will light up the internet with blogs, fan fiction, speculation, and analysis of every frame of the movie. Cybersecurity experts are no different. With each […] The post The Insider Threat that Took Down the Death Star appeared first on ObserveIT. ...
December 8, 2017
Gatepoint Research recently surveyed more than 100 executives in IT and security roles to understand trends in insider threat management (details of survey responder roles, industries and firm size is included at the end of this post). So what did we learn from the survey? The findings demonstrate organizations’ concerns about insider threats, particularly data […] The post Insider Threat Management Trends appeared first on ObserveIT. ...
December 1, 2017
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are a set of covert attacks that look to gain a foothold within your organization, avoid detection, harvest information, and exfiltrate data over time. Typically, these attacks target your user population in one way or another, and phishing attempts are a low effort way for adversaries to gain access to an […] The post Advanced Persistent Threats appeared first on ObserveIT. ...
November 16, 2017
Telecommunications providers enable nearly every other industry to function, hence the US federal government’s categorization of the telecom industry as “critical infrastructure.” It’s ironic, then, that with such a key, influential role on the global stage, telecom providers have increasingly outsourced key organizational responsibilities to offshore third-party vendors over the past 15 years, exposing both […] The post The Increasing Risk of Offshore Third-Parties for Global Crit...

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