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Notarize Company Overview

At Notarize, our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and to make legal notarization more convenient, secure, and verifiable.

Notarize is the first notary public platform allowing any person or business to get their documents legally notarized online. In 2011, the Commonwealth of Virginia became the first state to allow appropriately certified Virginia notaries to serve customers online. And, these notaries were given the explicit authority to serve Americans no matter where they're located. These online notarizations are accepted across the country due to the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution and state laws that specifically address and accept out of state notarizations. Notarize leverages these and other laws to offer people and businesses the ability to legally notarize documents online, from anywhere.

While notarization is a painful process for individuals, it’s excruciating for businesses that must collect notarized documents to operate. Imagine the pain you experience when getting something notarized - now imagine managing that pain and inconvenience across thousands of your customers. With Notarize for Business, organizations that rely upon notarized documents can leverage the Notarize platform to collect documents from their customers. With Notarize for Developers, they can integrate Notarize directly into their systems to automate and digitize what have always been frustrating, offline processes. And for the first time ever, with Notarize for Mortgage, lenders and title companies can leverage the Notarize Platform to close loans entirely online. The result: saved time and money; reduced fraud; a better customer experience; improved efficiency and convenience. In today’s tech-enabled economy, we are working to bring legal notarization into the modern era to solve some of industry's most frustrating business processes.

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Do you have enterprise-level account management experience? Do you love developing relationships with clients AND implementing metrics and milestones along the way? Then lets keep talking. Notarize is the first on-demand notary platform, allowing anyone to notarize a document online and empowering businesses to send, track and collect notarizations. We're helping people execute the most meaningful transactions of their lives and streamlining operations for countless industries. Were looking for a tenacious problem-solver and thoughtful communicator to be our new Senior Key Account...
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