Cogito: Data Annotator
100 Summer St.
Boston 02110

Employee Testimonials

Joel Makhluf
Martha Sager
Derek Popek


Cogito is growing our team of Annotators! Annotators support our research and development efforts and contribute directly to improvements in our software to help call center agents. You will work in an interdisciplinary setting that combines data, social science, and contact center expertise. This position is for approximately 15 - 25 hours per week, and is located in our Boston offices.

This team thrives with a diverse group of opinions, across age, gender, ethnicity, etc.


  • Listening to recorded audio, and providing perceptual judgements
  • Processing speech and language data
  • Handling unique data requests and tasks, with changing guidelines
  • Contributing to workflow process improvements


  • Ability to work independently and communicate with individuals of diverse backgrounds
  • Previous experience in a call center, customer service role, or background in psychology or linguistics
  • Ability to work with audio content
  • A passion for data, efficiency, and accuracy


Flexible schedule - mother's hours, full days, or a few hours a couple of times per week

Frequent catered lunch and live product demos

Casual dress and fun office atmosphere

Stocked groceries in the kitchen

Office location in the heart of Boston with convenience to the MBTA lines


Employee Testimonials

Joel Makhluf
Joel Makhluf
Director of Demand Generation

Cogito is a game changer, blending artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral science to elevate the human ability to recognize non-verbal social cues and be more emotionally intelligent. I am impressed with all facets of Cogito and knew I was making the right decision to join their team.

Martha Sager
Martha Sager
Business Development Manager

I work for Cogito because serving behemoth companies whose goals are to be customer-centered by empowering agents with tools that provide for more positive outcomes, benefiting all involved, is work that I am privileged to do.  

Derek Popek
Derek Popek
Talent Manager

I know Cogito is the place for me because it hits everything I look for in a company and in an opportunity. I want to be around brilliant, driven and nice people tackling big challenges and that is exactly what we’re doing at Cogito.