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Ready to get the whole world moving? Our mission is simple: we want to get the whole world active. That doesn't mean you have to do 26.2 miles or 50 pushups, but working on a product that improves people's lives should excite you. From race training to regular old endorphins, we're helping the world get healthy the best way we know how: together.

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Are you passionate about People Operations or HR and looking for a place to grow? Are you a true generalist by nature and motivated by learning about various aspects of the employee life cycle? ASICS Digital has an exciting new role on our growing People Operations team for you! Your success will be measured on building trust, executing great programs and events, and the success of all our employees. This person will be exposed to the full life-cycle of an employee from recruiting, to hire, to onboarding, to ongoing employee education and more. Youll work hand in hand with our People...
HR, Finance, & Operations
Are you a Principal Software Engineer looking for an opportunity to work on a global consumer brand across the entire business? ASICS Digital, Inc. is a division of ASICS based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our goal is to build digital technologies to better connect the ASICS brand to its consumers. We are responsible for the continued development of mobile-fitness solutions such as ASICS Runkeeper and ASICS Studio, global e-commerce platforms, and other digital services that encourage people to move, get fit and stay balanced. Job Responsibilities Software engineer working on the Runkeeper...
Customer Success

What MOVES us

We put ourselves in your (running) shoes

We’re a team—in every sense of the word. Our company communicates with empathy and mutual respect. We root for each others’ success, and it shows through our work, our relationships and our culture.

We lead with our imagination

Thinking outside the box can lead you to a world of new possibilities. Whether you’re an engineer or a digital designer, creativity is at the core of ASICS Digital—we’re always hungry for new ideas and new directions.

We love three-legged races

We work together because we know that when one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. We share our expertise, learn from each other and communicate freely so we can build trust and get things done.

We explore new routes

Be curious about your peers, your career path—anything and everything there is to explore. Curiosity creates new opportunities that help our company move forward. And we hope you’ll move along with us, in your own interests and career growth.

We break records

We want to get the whole world moving. So, as you can see, we’ve got big goals. But we’ll make them happen—we’re tenacious and scrappy. We don’t shy away from risks because we’re a hard-working team dedicated to the cause.

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January 30, 2020
ASICS is a performance athletics brand focused on getting the world moving. We take pride in the research, technology, and quality of materials that go into each product, resulting in some of the best shoes, apparel and accessories on the market. But what about performance in the digital sense? How can we ensure that we are offering the same level of commitment and satisfaction to our users on the web as we do with our physical products?Coming off of a successful roll out of the ASICS North Amer...
November 15, 2019
As discussed in part one, Building the Layout, frontend engineering is a system-based science with well-defined, repeatable rules. In this part, we’ll cover how to add content and apply a style to the layout you’ve engineered.Content & StyleTo recap, if layout is how content is arranged on a screen, then content (like words and images) is the information a user sees and style (like colors and decorations) is the way it renders.Adding content and style to your UI is the cat’s meowLet...
November 8, 2019
This blog post is the first of a two-part series that was adapted from a tech talk given to NEU’s WIT group. ADI often engages with the local college community and hires both interns and coops — not just from NEU, so please apply! We also try to participate in programs that serve underrepresented groups in tech, like Hack Diversity and She Geeks Out. If you’re interested in learning more about ASICS Digital, check us out here: https://www.asicsdigital.com/Software engineering is someti...
August 13, 2019
No career plan? No problem! 3 key factors in choosing great jobsI’ve been blessed with great jobs! Of course, I’ve had my share of monotonous, mindless jobs. Here I’m referring to the more “serious” jobs, which supported both my lifestyle and, for the last 10 years, the life of my daughter — I’m talking about the kind of jobs you list on your curriculum vitae.While attending high school in Italy, I specialized in business and languages; while at university in the U.S., I major...
July 24, 2019
I first started working at Runkeeper in June 2014 as a Northeastern University co-op, a fancy word for intern. I was 135 pounds and, at this point in my life, a social runner. What I mean by that is that I ran competitively in high school, tried out for the team in college, and upon getting rejected, ran only with friends or as a reason to justify drinking on a Tuesday night. What? I went for a 4-mile run, I can knock back a few beers. I don’t have class until 10 a.m. tomorrow anyway! Either w...