: Software Engineer
622 Third Ave, 10th Floor 

New York, NY 10017


DUTIES:  Work with product managers, software engineers and other teams to design new system features based on project business requirements and technical feasibility. Implement new features using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and Git based on team designs with no oversight. Implement features using C#, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Service, SQL Management Studio, and WPF based on team designs with no oversight. Document product features, technical designs, process workflows and technical investigations in shared documentation repository (Confluence). Debug application code using Visual Studio, Debug view, Process Explorer to find abnormal behaviors in testing and production environment and implement fixes. Use SQL Server Profiler to analyze queries, execution plans, and actual execution metrics to solve support requests, bugs and for new feature development. Design and implement unit and integration testing frameworks using Visual Studio and SQL Server tools. Discuss and plan best practices, process improvement and quality control processes through team processes such as retrospectives and team-oriented tech and process improvement discussions. Follow Agile principles and participate in Agile Scrum processes including daily scrum meetings, backlog refinement, iterative demos, retrospectives and sprint planning. Adopt automated UI testing framework developed by automation team into regular development process, identify areas for improvement in the framework and provide feedback to the automation team. Share responsibility for monitoring development builds on the build server, diagnose any issues, resolve issues when possible and communicate status the teams. Share responsibility for monitoring automated unit tests, and SQL Server tests on the build server, diagnose any issues, resolve issues when possible and communicate status with the teams. Participate in peer code review and approval process as a reviewer and approver.

REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering and 1 year of experience in the job offered or 1 year of experience using tools such as C#, SQL, Visual Studio Team Service, Git, ASP.NET. Experience to include 1 year with Windows Presentation Framework, Windows Communication Framework, JavaScript, WebAPI, HTML5, AngularJS and TypeScript.          

Refer To: Job Number R0003541. Please send resumes to Aylin Kentkur, Senior HR Specialist at [email protected]

Who We Are:

​​We are a trusted and proven partner to the investment community.  We complement our award winning investment workflow technology with expert global customer service.  We pride ourselves on fully understanding each client’s unique needs and advising them on best practices and processes to maximize their operational and investment alpha.  Our team is made up of more than 1,000 global employees in 11 locations worldwide.  We are headquartered in Boston, with offices in Chicago, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, London, New York, Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco, Singapore, Stamford, and Sydney.

Our Culture:

We are a highly dedicated team of innovators and experts who love to collaborate on the cutting edge.  We service our clients’ unique and growing needs with highly configurable, expansive, and integrated products for the entire investment process and community and we are never satisfied until our customers are delighted.  We celebrate this passion and commitment by fostering a culture that promotes innovation, growth, communication and achievement from the bottom up.  We nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and welcome productive debated.  We encourage open communications and upward feedback, we learn quickly from our mistakes, challenge the status quo – all while remaining accountable to our colleagues and clients.  We also understand work is a big part of life, so having fun and celebrating hard work is core within our culture.