: Staff Frontend Software Engineer
195 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Employee Testimonials

Stephen Chapman
Rhiannon Lococo


As an Experienced (Staff) Frontend Engineer, you will join an innovative, forward-thinking team using a modern tech stack and be responsible for:

  • Developing clean, accessible, and modern web applications
  • Building core libraries and components as part of our Design System
  • Utilizing technologies like React, GraphQL, React Context and Hooks and Typescript.
  • Continuously improving our tech stack
  • Ensuring personal and team career growth through high quality code reviews, cross-functional collaboration, strong teamwork and coaching.

You will mentor team members through problem identification, solution definition, and implementation. You will help building a team and cultivate innovation by driving collaboration and execution of frontend technologies across multiple teams. You will take part in the frontend technical design process, push forward and refine our technology stack, user experience, and creative practices across the company.

Desired Experience:

  • 8+ years of experience as a frontend software engineer.
  • Hands on technical leadership, setting technical direction and leading project teams.
  • Experience architecting and developing solutions to ambiguous frontend problems with significant impact.
  • Experience working across teams to foster adoption of libraries, patterns and architectural approaches.
  • Experience with frontend testing frameworks and best practices.
  • Investment and interest in the frontend community and ecosystem, including open source work, stackoverflow posts, blogs, etc.
  • Mentorship experience, and excitement to share and absorb knowledge from your teammates.

Our Stack:

We understand the importance of being excited about the technology you work with, so weve included our stack below. You dont have to be fluent in it all, but we want engineers who are excited to dive in and understand these tools and technologies:

  • Language: JavaScript, ESNext, TypeScript
  • Framework: React
  • State: Redux + Redux Thunk + Reselect, Formik, Relay + GraphQL
  • Router: React Router
  • CSS: CSS Modules
  • Testing: Jest, React Testing Library, Chromatic, Cypress
  • Tooling: Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, Prettier
  • Linting: ESLint, Stylelint
  • Docs: Storybook

Join Our Team

We are building out a world-class Frontend team at Namely around the idea that user experience is paramount to the success of our product and customers. If that resonates with you, we would love to work with you!

Our Frontend team builds the extensible platform, on which other teams can develop applications, ensures high quality architecture across the engineering organization, and defines the UX of Namely alongside our Product and Design partners.

Well invest in your career. Youll have access to a number of professional development opportunities so that you can keep up with the companys evolving needs and use your skill set to grow the team members.

About Namely

Namely was founded in 2012 to create an HR platform as intuitive as social media, but powerful enough to support the complexity of todays workforce. Our belief is that great companies are built on a great employee experience, which is why we created the first HR platform employees love to use. In fact, unlike most traditional HR software, 78% of our clients employees log in to Namely at least once per month! Namely is backed by some amazing VCs including Sequoia, and serves companies in just about every industry and state nationwide. We love mid-sized companies because theyre mission-driven, client-obsessed, and care deeply about their employees... just like us. We believe in giving you the tools you need to do the best work of your career, and were just getting started.

We invite you to fill out the EEO survey below as part of our ongoing diversity initiatives at Namely. Your participation in the survey is completely optional and voluntary, and none of the information you provide will be considered in the hiring process or with respect to any employment decision made by Namely. Namely will have access only to anonymized data submitted through these surveys.


Employee Testimonials

Stephen Chapman
Stephen Chapman
Account Executive

Sales runs in my family and I always knew it interested me, so I thought I’d give it a try. Now, I get to talk to so many different people across different industries and learn all their outlooks on the HR space. 

Rhiannon Lococo
Rhiannon Lococo
Sr. Product Manager

I never thought about how much SQL I would learn in my role! Going into the role, I thought it was a lot more about qualitative conversations, but every product decision we make needs to be backed by data. I need to be able to show exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing