SmartSense: Front-End Software Engineer
186 Lincoln St,
Boston, MA 02111


Join a fast-growing company that is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform how organizations sense, monitor, and make decisions. Founded out of MIT in 2005, SmartSense is trusted by more than 2,000 organizations, including Walmart, SpaceX, Apple, CVS Health, Coca- Cola, and the US State Department to make sensor-driven decisions. Our customers rely on our solutions help them do what they do better; we need your help to help us do what we do better.

Disproportionately impact a customer-driven startup that is transforming the way companies monitor their critical environments and make decisions about safeguarding their key assets. Were building next-generation IoT products and infrastructure that helps companies measure their world, transmit their valuable metrics to a centralized location, alert when there is something to be concerned about and even predict key events before they happen.

Dive into an empowered role doing front-end feature development. Youll be familiar with the web tier of our stack presentation and our APIs and service layer. You will be building outstanding UX and polish to our suite of customer facing enterprise-grade software on top of it. To do so, youll exercise judgment everyday in making tradeoffs between design and feasibility. Choose when to hack and when to invest. Youll engineer your features to be scalable and resilient in a large complex system.

SmartSense is an incredibly fast paced customer-driven company and youll be an active voice in shaping our product and user experience, down to the last detail when shipping your features. Our close-knit, cross-functional team is a great chance to grow your knowledge across all layers of our system.

Youll join a team where everyoneincluding youis knowledgeable about development patterns, an excellent teammate and opinionated about product development process. We all pitch in to help wherever necessary when things are crazy.

Core technologies:

JavaScript, Bootstrap and relevant frameworks, HTML/CSS, Git, JSON, REST/XML Web Services, Android, iOS

Core qualifications:

BA/MA, Agile, security, adaptability, team first attitude


  • Build, launch, and support your first big feature
  • Participate in support engineering, understand and resolve customer issues
  • Write internal documentation for your features and systems
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of our physical sensor platform and your teammates


  • Provide a much needed facelift to some of our customer facing features
  • Touch most of our UX code
  • Be able to own the entire planning, scoping, design, and implementation of new features
  • Participate in team-wide project estimation and scoping


  • Contribute substantially to engineering team efficiency
  • Train, mentor and influence your peers

SmartSense builds internet connected sensors and software that enable organizations to automatically monitor, track, and analyze sensor data for quality control, compliance, and operational efficiency. Our team is motivated to improve the world by providing real-time information that ensures medication and food safety. Our Vaccine Monitoring Initiative donates one system for each system we sell to a healthcare clinic so they can monitor life-saving vaccines. We endeavor to be both the best in the world at what we do, as well as, to be the best for the world because of how we do it; if youre the right candidate, we will reach that goal together and have a great time doing it.

SmartSense is proud to be an equal-opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.