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Are you passionate about building Machine Learning systems using Big Data Technologies? Are you interested in Amazon Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo? As a Senior Software Engineer on the Alexa Feature and Feedback engineering services, you will help Alexa better-understand humans with each passing day.

Here at Alexa AI, the machine learning models drive Alexa's customer experience. We power these ML models through a set of services that add value on top of the data and give us insights into the customer experience with the purpose of pro-actively improve the models and services. We are looking for Software Dev Engineers to build machine learning services for Alexa scientists and ML engineers, an engineer with a passion for new products, IoT, automation, enthusiasm for our mission, and a talent for building great systems, who can take an idea from inception to delivery.
This role requires working with ML scientists, ML toolkits, Big Data technologies like Spark, and AWS Services. This position requires explicitly working with Principal Engineers to do design from the ground up and develop scalable systems for learning, predicting and produce insights.

What you'll be doing:
· Writing code most of the time (Primarily in Java, Scala, and Python)
· Utilizing AWS Compute, Networking, Security, Storage, and Database services such as CloudFormation, EC2, S3, EBS, Lambda, AutoScaling, and DynamoDB, and many more
· Helping define the architectural vision for a world-class and massively scaled Feature and Feedback services
· Designing distributed systems for Machine Learning
· Owning the product areas that you are passionate about and solving major customer pain, becoming the advocate and driving the product and technology development and expansion within our ecosystem
· Growing and mentoring software engineers and working with them to identify, design, prototype and evaluate great projects and features that will help them develop in their careers
· Providing technical guidance and leadership on software design, architecture, patterns and practices
· Helping your team self-organize and create software development processes and practices that will work best for you and your teammates
· Collaborate effectively with peer teams and essential partner services to deliver robust engineering product, building relationships with your customers, partner teams and the engineers on your team.
· Designing and implementing critical components, helping define the architectural vision, collaborating with partner teams across the organization, and mentoring and developing more junior engineers
Join us in this exciting new technology space!


· Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
· 5+ years of industry experience
· Programming experience in C, C++ and/or Java (or other OO language) in Linux and/or Windows environment
· Experience building scalable infrastructure software or distributed systems for commercial online services


· MS in Computer Science
· Demonstrated leadership abilities in an engineering environment in driving operational excellence and best practices
· Experience with Apache Mesos and Spark
· Hands-on knowledge of container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes
· Development experience defining, developing and maintaining REST-ful interfaces
· Familiarity with Kernel and file-system development
· Experience developing cloud software services and an understanding of design for scalability, performance, and reliability
· Experience with Machine Learning
· Excellence in technical communication with peers and non-technical cohorts

Amazon is an Equal Opportunity Employer – Minority / Women / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation / Age.


Employee Testimonials

Spyros M.
Senior Principal Scientist, Alexa Machine Learning

“For scientists, this is a great place for doing research because Amazon is very data-driven and metrics-oriented. The rigor expected in scientific publications in terms of running controlled experiments and tracking progress based on well-established metrics is exactly what we see in our team.”

“You also interact with people with strong technical and practical experience and learn from each other,” he says. “You’re exposed to a breadth of challenges, many of them long-term applications for artificial intelligence."

Chao W.
Alexa Science Manager

“Since 2000 I’ve been focused on developing spoken language and machine translation systems that can engage with humans more effectively, and hopefully break down language and other barriers,” Chao says. “We’re still far from systems that truly understand the meaning of what we’re saying, but the progress we’re making with Alexa is incredibly exciting.”

Janet S.
Senior Manager of Applied Modeling and Data Science

“We have much further to go in developing systems that can truly understand and converse with humans naturally.  But I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come with Alexa, and super excited about the work teams are doing to make Alexa smarter every day.”

Shankar A.
Senior Manager, Applied Science

“When I first joined the team I didn’t realize just how big and ambitious this initiative really is,” said Shankar. “What’s incredibly exciting for speech scientists like myself is how algorithmic innovations in machine learning and data science have created a sophisticated voiced-based AI like Alexa, and how our work on improving this technology has a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of customers using it."

Chris C.
People Manager

“We have an incredibly diverse, experienced and curious team that is always pushing the envelope even further! Here at Amazon, we pride ourselves on being peculiar. We bring in talent from all around the world, leading to a diversity of background, culture and perspective in each team!” 

Beatriz R.
Team Manager

“I have quickly learned that Amazon is a company where you can actually voice out your ideas and concerns, where you can expect the support and interest of Leadership. We are quick to take action, passionate about improving processes and driven to enhance morale, so being able to speak up without fear has been my best asset. Now at the year mark at ADS, I am happy to say that the culture is one where you are proud to be a member of the team. “