iZotope: CRM/Lifecycle Marketing Specialist
60 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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iZotope is looking for an enthusiastic CRM/Lifecycle Marketing Specialist who is passionate about delighting consumers, driving loyalty and developing engaging strategies that turn prospects into customers.

The person in this role will have the ability to build iZotope’s lifecycle strategy from the ground up, creating personalized programs designed to ensure our customers and demo users know the full value of our music production tools. These programs will help onboard users, identify important features, as well as work to convert demo and free product users into customers, and increase overall customer lifetime value.

Responsibilities include:
● Mapping and analyzing iZotope’s customer journeys, identifying strengths and areas of opportunity for growth
● Working across groups and channels to develop and execute solid programs that drive customer loyalty
● Increasing active customer engagement and overall customer lifetime value with initiatives that include personalized content, segmentation, and offers
● Developing strategies for nurture campaigns designed to turn prospects into customers
● Building programs designed to encourage customers to become repeat purchasers
● Developing strong “win-back” campaigns to re-engage inactive customers
● Designing advocacy programs to inspire users to refer their friends and family
● Using data to provide actionable insights for optimizations and improvements
● Creating testing strategies designed to enhance the customer experience
● Teaming with other departments, including Customer Care and Product Marketing, to serve as the voice of the customer
● Ensuring that the lifecycle marketing strategy evolves to meet the growing needs of the business

● Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field
● 3-5 years of CRM/lifecycle marketing experience
● A data-driven mindset and a familiarity with tools to support CRM efforts and analyze results
● Strong project management and problem-solving skills
● Ability to work independently and across groups in a fast-paced environment
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

This opportunity is a full-time position located in Cambridge, MA. Candidates must be authorized to work in the U.S. office location.