Cybereason: Global Program Manager, Customer Success & Services
200 Clarendon Street, Floor 18
Boston, MA 02116

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As the Global Program Manager for the Customer Success & Services Organization, your responsibility is to ensure that initiatives being ran across the teams are launched successfully and aligned with Cybereasons overall business objective. It is, therefore, critical for this individual to have a wide internal network, a deep understanding of our product and offerings, and stay current with cross-department operational changes.

In addition to running programs, this individual will also be an advisor for the management team. He/She will report on metrics to drive key organizational decisions. It is, therefore, important that this individual is able to articulate the meaning of data, stay organized, and be persistent.

Key Responsibilities

Program Management

  • Responsible for scoping out projects, prioritizing them in accordance to business priority, and managing management's expectations.
  • Apply change, risk and resource management.
  • Correlate different projects into well-defined programs.
  • Develop and control deadlines and activities for each program.
  • Provide regular updates on programs using comprehensive dashboards.
  • Ensure consistent program maturity.
  • In summary, this individual need to perform hands on project management: development of project plans, scheduling and planning, monitoring and status reporting against planned deliverables, benefits and milestones, resource and program tracking, development and management of risk.

Management Advisor

  • Observe and propose ways to improve customer retention, drive upsells, and/or heighten customer advocacy.
  • Assist with operational planning by working with the management team to collect data in support of capacity planning and team logistics.
  • Update executive level dashboards and speak to outcomes.
  • Own communication with internal teams, beyond the CS & Services organization.

Qualifying Experiences and Skills

  • Ability to build a strong internal network.
  • Experience in using the Waterfall Methodology for project management.
  • Experience in using reporting and analysis tools - for example, Excel, Salesforce, JIRA.
  • Experience with project/program management on a global scale.
  • Demonstrated success handling various projects simultaneously.
  • Able to work effectively in loosely defined contexts.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Curious in learning more about the industry and the company.
  • Ability to stay agile in a fast-paced and ever-evolving environment.
  • Strong business acumen.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience in handling global projects
  • PMP Certified
  • Familiar with Project Management tools (e.g. Smartsheet)

Employee Testimonials

Katherine Moan
Director of Finance

"Our roles and skills are constantly evolving. This core value encourages us to foster collaboration in real time with people all over the world, in order to come up with well rounded ideas that are actionable and provide real results that push us forward as a company."

Jordan Bowen
Customer Success Manager

"Cybereason is an awesome place to grow your career! It's a company full of opportunity and great people you can learn a lot from. If you're eager to continuously challenge and develop yourself, you'll fit right in."

Zach Lakovics
Channels Director

"As a field sales professional it can feel as if you are on an island and no matter how hard you scream and shout, you are never heard. At Cybereason, that is never the case. We act as one and we have access to all the right people and resources when we need it."

Ankur Chaturvedi
Senior Customer Success Manager

"As a CSM at Cybereason, having direct access and exposure to high level execs, not just at Cybereason, but with my clients is a differentiator. Previously working in sales, I would have to claw my way up the chain to get there, but as a CSM at Cybereason it's not just a recommendation, but an expectation that I'm communicating with them regularly."