Vertica: Senior Cloud Engineer at Vertica
150 Cambridge Park Drive - 8th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02140


You'll develop and optimize our cloud storage file system with respect to Vertica's strong consistency requirements implementing file system semantics on top of cloud key/value stores. To do this you'll need to have a strong understanding of cloud storage, distributed systems, and networking in order to store and retrieve petabytes of data, taking advantage of the Vertica MPP architecture.  You'll work on low-level systems code to make our cloud file systems more efficient, and reliable.


It’s an exciting time to join the team. There is high demand for innovative functionality and our engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make more data accessible.


Required skills

At least 5 years of experience in the following required skills, ranked by order of importance:

  • C/C++ or Java
  • Proficient with multi-threaded applications
  • Advanced knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Distributed systems
  • Familiarity with cloud key/value stores such as Amazon S3 and Google cloud storage
  • Understanding of System and Application level Networking


Desired skills

  • Database internals
  • Willingness and ability to mentor interns and junior team members
  • SQL


About our team 

The best ideas often come from fresh perspectives. At Vertica, our open-minded, diverse and inclusive team is always learning from each other. We approach intellectually challenging work with a "get it done" attitude. Vertica Engineers are given significant latitude and support to pursue what they are passionate about to make Vertica an even better place.  If you are excited about building great technology with a proactive team, you will find yourself in good company at Vertica. Welcome to the family.  


About our product 

Vertica is a recognized leader in analytics powering some of the world’s most data driven organizations like Uber, Wayfair, Intuit, Cerner, and more.  Our columnar, MPP, distributed database delivers unprecedented speed, petabyte scale, with analytics and machine learning functions built into the core.  

We believe the future belongs to the fast. Join us for the ride!