EverQuote: Senior Software Engineer, Data Warehouse Team
210 Broadway, Suite 302
Cambridge, MA 02139


EverQuote is hiring a Senior Software Engineer for our Data Warehouse team! The Data Warehouse Teams mission is to enable EverQuote employees to ask complex questions about our business operations, and get answers simply, quickly, and efficiently.

Our technologies: Python, MySQL, ReactJS, Linux, AWS, Spark/DataBricks, Snowflake, BigQuery

What do we do?

  • Maintain an authoritative, curated model of EverQuote's business data
  • Provide tools for users to understand what data is available, and self-serve their own UI reports, API automation, and visualizations
  • Add new data to this model & keep it up to date, trustworthy, and relevant as our business grows and changes

How do we do it?

  • We source data from numerous internal teams, and external partners
  • We work with analytics & engineering stakeholders to understand what their data means, and how it connects to everything else
  • Our sophisticated, near-real-time data warehouse ingests raw data, understands linkages, and propagates changes correctly to efficiently queryable fact tables
  • Our internal BI tool enables users to build reports using a simple point-and-click web UI, and then visualize or share their results
  • Our query engine takes a simple report request, and finds the most efficient way to fetch & compute that data from the warehouse

Who are we looking for?

  • Strong algorithms, data structures, and analysis skills
  • Hands-on experience & passion for solving complex problems with software
  • Takes responsibility for design & implementation of significant software projects
  • Shows initiative in identifying ways to help the team meet its goals
  • Strong interest in working with internal stakeholders, identifying and solving business problems
  • Interests in big data, performance, scalability, efficiency, reliability, concurrency, distributed systems

Why EverQuote?

  • We are one of the fastest growing companies in Boston history
  • We recently completed our IPO, and are looking for the next generation of leaders to push us forward as a public company
  • We believe in and practice data-driven decision-making -- our analysts and engineers have all the data they need to see the impact of their work, and they use it
  • We encourage creative thinking, independent responsibility for business results & team collaboration
  • Even as a public company, were committed to maintaining our startup feel (but without startup anxiety)
  • Lunch catering to the office, company outings to local restaurants, day trips, and more
  • We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, stock, and a relaxed & flexible work environment
  • We have lives outside of work. We are musicians, athletes, filmmakers, gamers, authors, and more

EverQuote (Nasdaq: EVER) operates the largest online marketplace for insurance shopping in the United States. Our goal, as insurance shopping continues to move online, is to make that process easy, efficient, and personal, saving time and money both for consumers and for insurance providers.