3Play Media: Senior Front-End Engineer
34 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA 02210

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’re hiring to grow our team and our products! 3Play Media offers a truly unique opportunity to work in a small team of developers in a company that offers both a startup-minded size and culture while being robustly backed by a steady stream of customers and projects. Every day, our system processes hundreds of hours of video content, helping us to improve and expand the way people consume online media to make more of the web’s video content accessible. We’re also very excited to have a few brand-new products in our pipeline!

We are looking for an experienced engineer to help us build our application. As we are growing, we have found a need for an engineer to drive our front-end technology decisions. You’ll help us select and maintain the best framework for our needs, drive the adoption of good front-end coding standards, and actively contribute to feature development.

Role & Responsibilities

  • You’ll be selecting and implementing the front-end frameworks and toolsets enabling the engineering team to build modern responsive web applications
  • You’ll help us develop good front-end coding standards in Javascript and CSS
  • You’ll build the front-end “platform” by creating reusable components and design patterns
  • You’ll work closely with our UI designer to build and maintain our design system
  • You’ll consult and mentor engineers on the team as they build complex user interfaces
  • You’ll build front-end heavy features in our application which is currently using the following technologies:
    • React
    • AngularJS (legacy)
    • Bootstrap
    • Ruby On Rails
    • JQuery

Position Requirements

  • 3+ years experience building software in a professional environment
  • Experience in a range of front-end technologies, ideally including React, CSS frameworks, and HTML
  • Broad knowledge of the front-end framework space and the ability to identify and apply technologies to business problems
  • Experience driving technology decisions and educating and influencing full-stack engineers
  • Some experience building full-stack applications in Rails, Django, PHP, Node, or a similar framework, and a willingness to occasionally work in the full stack as needed

About the Company

3Play Media is a rapidly growing, profitable technology company with a startup culture making a huge impact on the way people consume online media. We provide premium captioning, transcription, audio description, and translation solutions to over 2,500 higher ed, enterprise, media, and government customers. Our goal is to simplify the workflow through flexible APIs, a secure online account system, and integrations with a multitude of players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. We got our start in 2008 out of MIT Sloan and we are based in Boston, MA.


Employee Testimonials

Marketing Assistant

"From the executives to new hires, it feels like everyone at 3Play makes a daily, conscious effort to contribute to a company culture you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. It's like a perpetually self-fueling engine that encourages employees to work hard, have fun, and treat each other with mutual respect."

Software Engineer

"I love working at 3Play Media because of the people, the flexibility, and the interesting work I do every day. It's very rewarding to know that each day I will work with intelligent and capable coworkers to solve challenging problems."