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About Minerva:

Minerva Analytics is the latest team to be formed inside Cogos proven incubator model. As aQA Testeron the Minerva team, you'll be starting on the ground floor of Cogos latest team built inside the incubator. Using Cogos extensive data warehouse, the Minerva team is building communities of users on the internet through a combination of rapid-development web property tools, scalable user acquisition, and extensive competitive and performance analysis.

About the role:

As a QA Tester you will ensure that Minerva products and tools are as bug free as possible through the use of automated test suites and promoting testing practices to the rest of the engineering org.

A successful candidate will:

  • Write automated browser + integration tests for our consumer facing products, using functional specs as a guideline for what to test
  • Perform PR reviews to check for functional correctness
  • Educate other engineers on how to write effective tests for their code
  • Review requirements, specifications and technical design documents and provide timely and meaningful feedback
  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test strategy and test plans
  • Develop test cases and test acceptance criteria; develop test data necessary to execute test cases
  • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts

Who you are:

  • Thorough:Able to think of edge cases for features, checks for bugs on all properties if one is identified on a single property
  • Self-starter:Eager to build a QA department from the ground up and train future QA testers
  • Strong communicator:Communicates functionality issues effectively, can clearly explain testing practices to others, helps document resolutions to common issues
  • Collaborative:Works with engineers + analysts to resolve bugs
  • Organized:Able to keep track of resolved / unresolved issues across a variety of projects, ensures that high priority bugs are resolved ASAP while low priority ones are eventually resolved
  • Curious:Always on the hunt to find ways of improving our testing infrastructure and increasing our test coverage

Employee Testimonials

Nina Huynh
Senior Manager, Compliance & Contracts

There are smart people everywhere, but when you have a company full of them, complete with great personalities, it makes for a fantastic work environment. Cogo is composed of people from all over the world who all have different perspectives and interests. Not only does this make for great conversation, it helps to boost creativity.

Brian Frake
Senior Analyst

I have never experienced such a fast-paced, challenging work environment. Right from the start, I was learning the intricacies of the business and getting familiar with the tools that would allow me to efficiently face any—and every—problem. Most importantly, within a month I felt like the projects I was working on were having an immediate and tangible effect on the business.