Cogo Labs: Manager, Analytics for User Bases
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At Cogo Labs, we build startup companies from scratch.

We're not venture capitalistswe're a collaborative team of engineers,analysts, and entrepreneurs using innovative tools, big data, and intellectualcuriosity to build a platform that spins up successful online businesses, fast.

As a Cogo LabsManager, Analytics, youll grow user bases and consumer audiences for Cogo and supported ventures. Youll create a cloneable, effective management paradigm for your team and user bases under your management, and partner with leadership to scale it across the entire Cogo ecosystem. Be ready to lead a cross-functional and diverse team of 3-5 to create measurable, transparently trackable, organized processes to make your path to success a replicable one throughout Cogo Labs as a whole!

About us:

What to expect from Cogo:

  • Nearobsessive use of data to inform business decisions. We believe thatefficient growth happens when we make every decision based on solid, welldirected analysis.
  • Unmatched opportunity. We believe in mentoring people to grow as quickly asthey can. Today's newgrad hires are tomorrow's leaders.
  • Flexibility and novelty. Your role will define itself over time, as you identify theproblems that you are uniquely capable of solving.
  • A fun, supportive culture. Happy employees are the most successful. We takecare of our own, and not just because it's good business.

About you:

  • Bachelor's degree in a field that requiresdeep analytical thinking andproblemsolving. Many of us have Math, Econ, Finance, or Engineeringbackgrounds, but applications from all quantitative fields are welcome
  • 3-6 years of demonstrable success in an analytical role
  • Proven experience in managing and motivating diverse, cross-functional teams of 3-5, as well as being able to bridge the gap between what you do and the rest of the business
  • Able to turn complex data into actionable insights and recommendations to a variety of stakeholders

You Are:

  • Focused on results: Biased for action; focused on specific goals and resistantto distraction
  • Ownership: What happens or doesn't happen within your project is your responsibility
  • Aggressive: Moves quickly and takes a forceful stand without being overly abrasive
  • Entrepreneurial: Track record of good decision-making and eager to take on a wide variety of analytical and business roles and responsibilities
  • Enthusiastic: Passionate about work; brings a can-do attitude to all activities
  • Articulate: Clearly states project missions, update, decisions, and rationales verbally and in writing
  • Analytically minded: Data-driven; believes in the value of making decisions on the basis of rigorous, empirical processes
  • Organized: Capable of categorizing complex projects into its digestible, surmountable parts
  • Transparent: Makes work and progress clear to outside observers without politics or distortion of the underlying data
  • Proactive: Acts without being told what to do when appropriate; develops new ideas and self-guides within broader mission
  • Open to Feedback: Actively asks for advice; eager to receive performance feedback and responds positively to suggestions and constructive criticism
  • Supportive: Actively helps fellow team members and treats them with respect and kindness
  • Flexible: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions; enjoys working in and thrives in a rapidly changing environment
  • Work Ethic: Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes to work long hours to get the job done
  • Self-reflective: Considers work in the context of the entire organization; thinks about self-improvement

Employee Testimonials

Nina Huynh
Senior Manager, Compliance & Contracts

There are smart people everywhere, but when you have a company full of them, complete with great personalities, it makes for a fantastic work environment. Cogo is composed of people from all over the world who all have different perspectives and interests. Not only does this make for great conversation, it helps to boost creativity.

Brian Frake
Senior Analyst

I have never experienced such a fast-paced, challenging work environment. Right from the start, I was learning the intricacies of the business and getting familiar with the tools that would allow me to efficiently face any—and every—problem. Most importantly, within a month I felt like the projects I was working on were having an immediate and tangible effect on the business.