Making WorkLife better for mobile workers and their managers.


2 Financial Center
Boston, MA 02111

Company Overview

At Motus, we are passionate about leveraging technology to make WorkLife better for mobile workers and their managers. Our cloud-based mobile technology streamlines administrative tasks, provides fair and accurate reimbursements, mitigates risk, and offers actionable data insights—all designed to allow the mobile workforce the freedom to allocate their time in ways that make them happiest.

Winner of the 2016 Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work Award, we are a team of curious, collaborative technology enthusiasts who also happen to be smoothie aficionados, Kan Jam champions, home brewers, marathon runners, Salsa dancers, sky-divers, and food truck fanatics. We believe in working smart, working happy, and working healthy—and we’ve built our work environment around those principles to ensure they’re a reality for all our team members.

We’ve got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a tech company in Boston—and then some—indoor plumbing, computers, even desks. Heck, you might even find a fax machine somewhere in our office (OK, probably not). Our Pop-up lunches, Fitbit challenges, unlimited snacks, beer on tap, and a weekly happy hour keep us fueled for creativity. We’ve also got a student loan debt relief program, company-sponsored gym memberships, a 401K match, a Wii, and the list goes on.

Our goal is to WorkSmart, WorkHappy and WorkHealthy, and we provide the tools necessary to make that possible.


WorkSmart is a time management strategy based on the idea that, if we are truly results-oriented, there should be a way for team members to self-manage their success. Each Motus employee owns his or her results, and performance is not managed by the time spent in a seat. Our world is mobile, and so are we, which is why we manage checkpoints instead of micro-managing day-to-day activity.


Our company perks reinforce our core values and drive our brand and business in an effort to ease the stresses that naturally develop and distract us from what matters. These perks were designed to ensure that our employees have the means to let their curiosity, bravery, and exceptionality shine.


Not only do we keep the mobile workforce in motion, we keep ourselves in motion. Staying healthy keeps our minds active and our creativity at the forefront, allowing us to stay on top of our game and push towards excellence.

Chanele DaRosa
Analyst, Talent Accelerator Program

When I was interviewing at Motus, I was very drawn to the culture.  It was clear there was a lot of opportunity for growth and lots of people to help get you there.  Everyone is very energetic and has a great sense of humor, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Coming to work is always exciting because I know I have people I can laugh with. 

Eduardo Valle
Analyst, Talent Accelerator Program

The culture here is very inclusive.  It’s almost homey.  Especially within the Talent Accelerator Program, it really feels like it’s all for one and one for all, because everyone from my manager to all the team members, even really new people—it just feels like we’re a team, like we’re playing with each other and for each other.

Priya Phalak
Support Software Engineer

I love being a part of our technology team.  Everyone is so smart and knows our products inside and out, and they all have a wealth of experience that they’re excited to pass on to me so that I can follow their path.  And it’s not just the people on the technology team— everyone at Motus is incredibly friendly, open-minded, ready to help, and energetic. Even after late nights, everyone is back in the morning all energized and ready to roll onto their next project.  It encourages me to do the same.


Jeff Logan
Mobile Product Manager

At Motus, the people you work with are also the people you’ll hang out with after work, and that’s a great environment to be in. Everyone is wicked smart, intellectually stimulating, and challenging.  We’ve built a culture where people aren’t just going to nod their heads. Our environment truly fosters healthy debate, which is really important in terms of ending up with the best product.

Dante Leone
Corporate Services Manager

I joined the Motus team because I saw the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing company with lots of potential.  My current role bridges Operations, Corporate Development, and Services, with my time divided between budgeting and forecasting, process improvement and data integrity, and managing the Services teams. Whether I’m being pulled into a new project by senior management or taking it upon myself to spearhead an initiative or two, every day there’s a new challenge, and that’s exciting.

Emily Abid
Client Services Team Lead

There is so much opportunity for upward mobility here. Someone can start out doing one thing and end up finding their passion and taking on a completely different role.  That sort of career thoughtfulness is definitely encouraged here: we're being told to think about what we want to do and where we want to go, and there are people in place to help us get there.

Abhay Kore
Principal Software Engineer

There’s a reason I’ve been here for five years—it’s never the same thing, and you never get bored.   When it comes to the technology, we don’t just pick something and stick with it. At most companies, if something’s working, they won’t touch it.  But we do.  Our leadership is always trying to increase efficiency and be on the cutting edge of technology, and if there’s a better way, they let us do it.

John Petrucelli
Vice President, R&D and Product Innovation

My official tagline is that I come up with disruptive technologies that don’t disrupt the company.  I essentially get to go off and do a lot of plate-spinning, and the ideas that stick make it to Development and into our product and out to our user base. It’s exhilarating to have a hand in building solutions that are going to enable the mobile worker—and we’re all mobile workers, really—and help make people’s lives better.





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