Lookout is the leader in mobile security, protecting the device at the intersection of the personal you and the professional you. Our mission is to secure and empower our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobile devices are essential to all we do for work and play. We enable consumers and employees to protect their data, and to securely stay connected without violating their privacy and trust. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from nearly 200 million devices and over 100 million apps to protect you from the full spectrum of mobile risk. As a result, Lookout delivers modern endpoint security with the most comprehensive protection from device, network, app and phishing threats without prying into your data.

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Lookout is a different kind of typical security company. We're driven by finding creative and novel ways to solve the mobile security challenges our customers face. Every day we use our unique dataset to find insights, then we use those insights to help shape our products. The products we build deliver value to customers and protect the privacy of end-users. Making the world safer as it becomes more connected is what drives life at Lookout.

  • Values


Build Trust

Relationships are paramount to any successful company — at Lookout we focus on building trust with new and established colleagues by bringing competence, reliability, and good intentions to everything we do. We are straightforward and communicate transparently, delivering good news with grace and bad news quickly and constructively.


Put Customers First

We have the privilege of solving real problems that are vital to our customers' success. Our focus is delivering products and customer interactions that lead to amazing results. We invest in learning our customer's needs and going all out to exceed their expectations and invest in long term relationships. The only way to win is through customer trust, and so building that trust always comes first.


Be Bold

To have an impact for our customers, we want to solve problems that matter. We innovate in ways that defy the status quo by boldly delivering simple solutions to complex problems. Being bold is how we're able to have a huge impact for our customers, and how we'll continue to transform the markets we serve by solving real problems.


Commit to Excellence

Purpose is at the heart of Lookout. We have a strong work ethic and deliver quality, knowing both are vital to achieving our goals. Each one of us brings our best every day and we constantly seek new ways of improving by asking how we improve with each iteration. This is how we embrace change, learn from it, and become better.


Be Accountable

We hold ourselves accountable for driving extraordinary outcomes for our colleagues, customers, partners, and shareholders. We stay focused on the same goals by setting clear expectations, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and committing to decisions once they’ve been made.