Simplifying the way people connect to each other and the world around them. 



320 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

Company Overview

Simplifying how people interact with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes for all has helped LogMeIn grow to become one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies with a leadership position in every one of our markets.

With a platform that supports two million daily users, 200 million customer engagements and five billion voice minutes per year, we have not only capitalized on but helped invent the modern way of working – flexible, dispersed, mobile, efficient and productive.

Our easy-to-use products are adopted by professionals and leveraged by small to medium-sized businesses the world over who are looking for increased insight into their customers' journeys, simpler internal and external collaboration, and a more empowered workforce. 

Building great products
Simplifying how people connect to create endless possibilities.

The idea that a successful company is a growing company
Everything good comes from growth, and all must contribute.

Be open, honest, trustworthy and fair to one another.

Developing our employees
Our future leaders already work here and we want them to flourish.

Having fun
We are committed to creating a great environment.


Claire Bergen
Senior Associate Counsel

LogMeIn provides a unique corporate culture that fosters a friendly and personal atmosphere while presenting its employees with a professionally challenging and intellectually stimulating day-to-day experience. Over the past four years, working here has given me so many opportunities to collaborate with creative, energetic and interesting people in the legal and tech communities; it’s been a greatly fulfilling period in my career.

Karla Lemos
Senior User Services Representative

What I love most about LogMeIn is that they take the time to develop my skills and knowledge to advance my career within the company. LogMeIn truly values people on a personal level, creating an environment where you don't want to leave.

Palak Mehta
Senior Software Engineer

There are many things I love about my job but mainly it is the work environment, super friendly colleagues, the feeling of being a part of something bigger and the fact that I have flexibility when needed.

Mike Kirk
Account Executive

I love working at LogMeIn because of the work-life flexibility, as well as the accessibility to resources to foster career growth





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