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Localytics Company Overview

Localytics’ mission is to put people at the center of brands’ digital engagement - delivering meaningfulness and personalization in all experiences. We aspire to be the intelligence behind the digital engagements that brands have with their customers, helping them to build deeper, more successful relationships.

What do we mean by deeper and more successful relationships? Marketing and messaging that enhances users’ lives. Personalized engagements that recognize what makes customers different from each other, not what makes them alike. Building relationships by understanding who customers are and what they need – not just what they’ve done and what you want them to buy.

Many of the world's best-known brands including HSN, Bose, The Weather Channel, Fidelity and Comcast use Localytics to do what everyone knows is possible but no other solution has been able to figure out: How to use data and intelligence to make each and every customer feel understood and valued.

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Localytics provides a mobile engagement platform for many of the worlds top app publishers including ESPN, Periscope, and HBO. Our customers rely on us to keep their mobile users happy and engaged. We provide tools to drive great app experiences including push messaging, mobile analytics, predictive analytics, and individualized in-app experiences. As a Senior infrastructure and tools engineer at Localytics youll have the opportunity to help a great team scale our industry-leading marketing and analytics software platform. Along the way youll contribute to a forward-thinking engineering...
Software Engineering/QA
The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is responsible for managing the overall success of existing Localytics customers. The CSM will focus on net dollar retention (defined below), identifying upsell and growth opportunities (including Software, Growth, Services, Training, and Support), monitoring all Localytics related activities and usage, and being an advocate for the customer. The CSM will be instrumental in building strong relationships with Localytics customers users and decision-makers, as well as collaborating with all appropriate Localytics internal organizations. The CSM will ensure...
Customer Success
Localytics is seeking a Senior Mobile Software Engineer to join our team. Our SDKs have been installed on over two billion devices. If youre the kind of person who combs through WWDC sessions and Google I/O videos, or dives head-first into system frameworks or third-party libraries, youll be in good company at Localytics. About the role As a mobile software engineer, youll work closely with backend and frontend engineers on enabling the latest in mobile engagement features, powered by machine learning and petabytes of analytics data. This position is unique in the ability to...
Software Engineering/QA
As a Digital Consultant (DC) you will be responsible for the overall success of a portfolio of Localytics customers, leading large, multi-workstream projects with focus on exemplary quality assurance, excellent client relationships and demonstrated thought leadership. These projects will require coordinating a cross-functional team that spans Sales, Services, Support; defining project delivery roadmaps and financials; hands-on management of complex projects with multiple work streams and strong partnership with clients. To become a trusted advisor, you will need to become an expert on...
Customer Success
We are looking for a results-driven, flexible, and creative marketing professional who has experience with demand generation, account based marketing (ABM), content strategy, and campaign optimization and program management skills. The Demand Generation Manager reports to the Director of Demand Generation and will drive the creation and management of marketing campaigns, the promotion of and delivery of events and webinars. This position takes the lead on planning, budgeting and managing account-based and paid programs and events, and works closely with cross functional teams on the...
Localytics is seeking an expert Senior Software Engineer to join our team. We want you to help us build scalable backend services and tools that leverage big data in our mobile engagement platform. The Distributed Systems team is focused on providing near real-time data and messaging products to our customers. We value good software design, collaborative development, and protecting user privacy. Our distributed systems are built in Scala/Java and Go using SQS, Docker/ECS, AWS, DynamoDB, RDS, and the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. Our high performance systems process in real-time 4...
Software Engineering/QA
Localytics provides a digital engagement platform for many of the worlds top app publishers including ESPN, The New York Times, Microsoft, and The Weather Channel. Our customers rely on us to keep their mobile users happy and engaged. We provide tools to drive great app experiences including push messaging, mobile analytics, predictive analytics, and individualized in-app experiences. The Senior Project Manager position offers a great opportunity to work with a highly talented, innovative team in order to create clean and efficient solutions and integrations for some of the...
Customer Success
2 Center Plaza, 3rd Floor
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We're a fun, hungry, smart group of people passionate about transforming the way consumers connect with their favorite products and services.

We believe a diverse company makes better decisions, and can relate better to our tens of thousands of customers. We recruit and work to retain employees that are diverse in gender, ethnicity, educational background, experience, sexual orientation, ability, and military service. We are proud to routinely host dinners and meetups for organizations committed to creating a more diverse workforce, including She Geeks OutWomen Who CodeBoston Ruby Women, and more.

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The open concept layout has cool features like a quiet room fit with a hammock, white noise machine, and bean bags; a separate relaxation space boasts ambient lighting; and a variety of beers and cold brew coffee on tap. We love our large presentation space for frequent internal and community events.



October 10, 2019
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. While this saying has some serious clout in the love and friendship world, it’s true for the relationship between you and your customers too. Your customers are here to shop for the products and experiences they love and one of the easiest ways to disappoint them is through constant, irrelevant messaging or through making them all too familiar with your customer service call center. ...
October 8, 2019
The phrase “easier said than done” really applies to so many things in life. I laugh while watching the Olympics and a gymnast falls off the balance beam. I holler at my TV when a basketball player misses a well-defended layup. A singer misses a high note; a comedian’s joke falls flat. I can sit on the couch and chuckle at their misstep all I want, but really…it’s easier said than done. ...
October 3, 2019
Digital Intelligence has become a game changer for brands today. It’s revolutionized the way brands develop marketing strategies, audience segmentation, and personalization to their customers. Brands can’t expect to hit the bullseye if they’re throwing the dart while blindfolded. Now, digital intelligence gives brands the data and analytics they need to hit the mark every time....
October 2, 2019
Developing a brand’s best possible customer experience is a lot like coaching a football team. Sounds crazy, probably. But think of it this way—the head coach of your favorite NFL team is developing their strategy to beat the week’s opponent. Coaches don’t develop a strategy for the entire season, they base it on each opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Their playbook each week could fluctuate dramatically, with emphasis on the pass or the run, offense or defense, the opti...
September 25, 2019
Digitally native companies are fiercely disrupting traditional companies, forcing industry giants to undergo a digital transformation in order to compete and, for some, survive. It’s become critical to develop a digital customer experience that creates a personalized, seamless experience with a brand across every touchpoint consumers have with it. ...