Launch Academy

A 10 week, intensive bootcamp teaching you how to code with a focus on Ruby on Rails. 

Launch Academy

77 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02111

Company Overview

Launch Academy is an immersive education program for software developers. We provide job-ready Web Developer skills over a 10-week period. 

Launchers gain practical and applicable knowledge via an immersive and intensive learning environment. They begin by learning Ruby before being exposed to JavaScript and other languages. Our approach to education gives them the tools to dig deeper in any area of the stack after graduation. 

Before the program starts, Launchers complete 60-80 hours of interactive pre-learning. Once on site, they commonly work 12 to 14 hours per day, 6 to 7 days a week during the 10-week program. We provide a structured learning path that enables Launchers to learn in a challenge-based system where Launchers collaborate via pair programming and small group work. 

Our Instructional Philosophy, emphasizing Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and Agile Methodologies, aims to recreate the environment of a software development team and has successfully trained 200+ aspiring developers into effective contributors that can code from day one.