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Knovva Company Overview

Knovva Academy is an international education organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. Through our comprehensive learning ecosystem, we nurture students’ ability to think critically and respond to real-world challenges. We want to see a world where young people are empowered to pursue self-actualization while engaging the world with a committed sense of social and global responsibility.

Absorb. Build. Collaborate. Deliver.

At Knovva, we empower high school students around the world with a cutting-edge, comprehensive approach to education. From life-changing learning opportunities to online courses that go far beyond the standard curriculum, Knovva provides the education necessary for our interconnected world.





Jobs at Knovva

451 D Street, 710
Boston, MA 02210

As an international entity Knovva Academy employs talent from all around the world. We truely believe that the more outside persepective we bring in, the more we can learn and grow as a company. Every day, we collaborate with though leaders and visionaries in their respective feilds to create the best products and programs for our students. This passion for what we do also helps us to create the best work environemnt for our staff. With company outtings, flexable work/life balance and some of the top minds to collaberate with, Knovva isn't just challenging traditional education methods, we're also reinvigorating the work place. 

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