: VP, UX Design
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Our mission is to improve the performance of athletes and teams, which we do by engineering the premier technology platform for sport. We've been at the forefront of sports technology and science since 2006 - we don't just work in the sporting industry, we are actively changing its future.  Our solutions are designed to help athletes and coaches play smart in a world where 1% can literally mean the difference between winning and losing.

We work with over 3,000 teams around the world, empowering coaches, managers and trainers in premier teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, EPL, AFL, NRL, NCAA and more. We provide the information they need to optimise athletes health, game-day readiness, and performance, as well as in-game tactics.  Our solutions include wearable technology, video analytics, and athlete monitoring solutions, and we are passionate about helping sports organizations at all levels to better scout, recruit, teach, and win.


We believe that our customers deserve the best experiences and we are on a mission to maximise and enhance their performance through delivering a market leading platform. Based in Boston, the VP UX Design will lead all areas of UX/UI Design across the Catapult product suite and platform. We are looking for a dynamic, talented and creative person whose drive and delivery ability aligns with our ambitious, fast-growing and transforming company. You will lead the establishment of a new UX team that is responsible for bringing user experience and visual design expertise to our product team promoting the importance of a collaborative and iterative design process.  You are responsible for defining our customer exploration and user research strategy, as well as leading your team to create usable, accessible and compelling user design on projects that cover everything from existing product features to completely new platform interaction designs.


  • Defines and manages customer exploration and research strategy and prioritisation  for all Catapult products based on the company priorities and initiatives..
  • Lead and mentor a team of UX designers to drive customer research and refine features for implementation based on data
  • Talk to our customers to fully understand them and their needs. Implement customer led design to uncover customer use cases and unmet needs. Clearly communicate these back to the company and inform product decisions based on that data.
  • Set an exacting standard for intuitive and elegant product design and ensure that new features and products live up to expectations that they are loved by customers
  • Collaborate across teams - Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Services and Operations to deliver a well designed and intuitive product experience to our customers.
  • Work closely with our Product and Engineering teams to turn designs into shippable production features.
  • Implement data driven strategies to measure usage in various ways that enable customer success on our platform and monetisation.
  • Continuously improve our systems for gathering the input from product, engineering, customer success; ensure that our product-delivery organization is making data-driven and customer-first decisions.
  • Assist with go to market process for new products and features including engaging and supporting sales and marketing teams


  • 15+ years of experience working in UX design
  • 7+ years of experience leading UX/UI teams across multiple projects.
  • A design portfolio that demonstrates your ability to design products that customers love
  • Expertise at using customer led design to identify customer opportunities, assessing customer value, prototype and deliver products that customers love
  • Experience defining UI patterns that can be integrated or repurposed across multiple products and user flows.
  • Natural leadership to mentor and engage a team with strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills at all levels.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in order to represent and describe product offerings to internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Outstanding organizational, leadership and time management skills.
  • You anticipate change, troubleshoot issues as they arise making necessary adjustments while always having a plan B in place.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and  eagerness to try new things and be innovative.
  • A passion for agile with experience of working with high performing autonomous scrum teams. You understand how to integrate user research and design with a quarterly release planning and prioritisation process..
  • Enough technical fluency in software engineering to know what is possible, what is easy, and what is hard; to talk to engineering teams about how design choices affect user-facing features and vice versa; and to have a reasonably accurate intuitive sense for the impacts of design on size and scope..
  • A collaborative work style and a roll-up your sleeves attitude; deep sense of personal ownership, and willingness to "do the work" as opposed to just overseeing or managing the work.
  • The ability to successfully manage competing priorities and responsibilities, and help your team do the same. You excel under pressure, maintaining a calm demeanor.
  • A Bachelors degree; or equivalent experience. 


  • We have amazing people. We can promise you will work with some of the most ambitious and intelligent people in an exciting industry, and you will do some of the best work of your life.
  • We encourage our people to have constructive, open and honest communication; to make Catapult extraordinary; innovate and create smart solutions; establish a collaborative, yet challenging, environment to develop our performance and the performance of our customers.
  • Our workforce spans more than 20 countries, you'll have the opportunity to work across multiple nationalities and cultures, and build your global awareness and capability even beyond what it is today.
  • We value improvement and development. We are challenging ourselves to continuously grow and become a high-performance company. That means we maintain a growth mindset in everything we do, and our people are always looking for ways to do things better.  There is unlimited opportunity to grow, do more, and do better.
  • We care about you. We offer outstanding paid maternity and paternity leave, a 401k plan with up to a 4% employer match.

Whether you have experience in sports or not, youll have the satisfaction of knowing your work is supporting some of the most successful teams and individual athletes on the planet! While we have access to many exciting opportunities, we also realise that we are here to do a very important job for our customers. As a result, we aim to work with purpose and intention. We look for people that fit into our team culture, those who actively contribute and individuals who are excited about what they do. 

In order to build the future of sports performance, we need the brightest talent in order to do so. If you think you can contribute to the empowering, enjoyable and exciting Catapult environment, then we invite you to apply.


Employee Testimonials

Georgie Lack
PR Manager, London

“In the year that I have been with Catapult I’ve done everything from taking journalists into Premier League clubs, leading influencer programmes and events, and helping to tell the story of a team of inspirational women playing football on top of Mount Kilimanjaro!”

Hector Gonzalez
Quality Assurance Engineer, Boston

With just over a year of experience, it has become clear to me that Catapult always makes room for anyone with ambition regardless of rank to make a significant and lasting difference in the company. Not only are we titans of the sports metrics industry, but we also care about producing top quality products that developers can be proud of and that our customers will love.

Ken Saito
Business Development Manager, Tokyo

“Catapult has provided me an opportunity to help sports teams to integrate the latest and best technology into their performance programmes. It makes me proud to know I am making a difference in the sports industry.”

Kanishk Kumar
Business Development Manager, Mumbai

“I joined Catapult in early 2018 and have had a great experience working here. In that time I’ve travelled the length and breadth of India, meeting a diverse range of teams and stakeholders from different sports.”

Sam Boyes
Client Account Manager, Leeds

"After leaving school, I was two months into my degree when I realised it wasn’t for me. A year later, an opportunity presented itself at Catapult that I couldn’t pass up. I now work and learn alongside some extremely talented and highly ambitious people, all passionate about sport, which makes me excited for my future here."