: VP of Product Management - Revenue Cycle
311 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA 02472

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The Vice President of Product Management for Collector is the overall leader for our product and service offering that manages the revenue cycle for our athenaOne clients. This individual will drive product vision and roadmap planning; make buy, build, partner decisions; ensure client engagement and research that supports true customer success; and own resource allocation, including collaboration on Engineering allocations. The Vice President will partner with key leaders across divisions at athena to ensure consistency with all athenaOne products. This individual will directly lead and indirectly partner with an overall team of more than 300 individuals including product management, product market strategy, product operations, User Experience and R&D. This team is based in two geographies: Watertown and Chennai. The team will be charted will successfully understanding the full revenue cycle processes of our broad and diverse customer base and continuing to ensure that athena provide a best-in-KLAS solution to meet these needs.

Essential Functions (Duties and Responsibilities):

Product Roadmap Creation / Collaboration - 35%

  • Create and maintain our internal and external roadmaps for Collector product line
  • Leverage insights and feedback from clients, prospects and internal partners and make/communicate the necessary tradeoffs to build an excellent offering
  • Drive critical business decisions including pricing and build vs. partner vs. buy
  • Build and maintain relationships third party partners as appropriate
  • Work with Sales and Product Marketing on proper client, prospect and organizational messaging

Deliver Great Product - 35%

  • Maintain direct responsibility for the Product Owners who serve as scrum masters
  • Ensure proper tradeoffs and management of unplanned requirements to deliver the best possible product on time and within budget
  • Ensure resolution of product-related prospect & client escalations

Team Leadership - 30%

  • Lead, inspire, and grow a team of athenistas, modeling effective relationship building, ensuring high employee engagement and managing staff career progression
  • Ensure continued development of product management team by implementing solutions for learning and teaching
  • Provide opportunities for learning about the market and about product management best practices, in order to elevate the overall Product teams capabilities
  • Set expectations of direct reports and indirect reports, offering effective delegation and feedback
  • Set and monitor performance goals & objectives, including responsibility for performance appraisals

Education & Experience Required:

  • Bachelors Degree required; Degree (Bachelors or Masters) in Computer Science, Business, or Product Design preferred
  • Deep understanding of the revenue cycle processes in the U.S. healthcare environment
  • Direct experience with a complex revenue cycle operation (ambulatory preferred)
  • 15+ years relevant product or healthcare experience
  • Experience defining and delivering complex software products through the entire product lifecycle (preferred)
  • Experience leading teams and managing managers
  • Experience with Business to Business escalation management

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Passion for improving the U.S. healthcare system
  • Ability to understand customer experience and drive user-centric design
  • Ability to work effectively with enterprise clients and understand how they work and think; craft approaches that are effective for important external stakeholders.
  • Understanding of and perspective on product management best practices especially in the context of an agile development environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Technical understanding (mobile, SaaS, data) ability to gut check technical feasibility and timelines and remove technical development barriers
  • Results orientation and the ability to translate the overall objectives of the organization into actionable, quantitative plans
  • Ability to make sound product design decisions based on internal (business) and external (customer) requirements
  • Ability to whiteboard strategy discussions with directs, help directs understand and own the overall strategic direction as well as executable plan to push out to broader teams

Employee Testimonials

Olivia Adams
Lead Member Of Technical Staff

“I enjoy working at athenahealth because I am making something that matters.  My passion isn’t writing code - it’s what writing code enables me to do, which is make something for other people.  And there’s no nobler cause than healthcare.”


Sherry Cheuk
Product Operations Manager

“athenahealth has a mission to transform healthcare, which is something I really admire.  Every company out there is trying to grow, but I think our focus on making an impact and delivering value is really powerful.  Our work is about improving people’s lives.”