: US Microbial, Product Manager
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US Microbial, Product Manager

Indigo improves grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health through the use of natural microbiology and digital technologies. Utilizing beneficial plant microbes and agronomic insights, Indigo works with growers to sustainably produce high quality harvests. The company then connects growers and buyers directly to bring these harvests to market. Working across the supply chain, Indigo is forwarding its mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN, Research Triangle Park, NC, Sydney, Australia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and So Paulo, Brazil. http://www.indigoag.com/

The US Microbial Product Manager is responsible for creating and executing the US Microbial commercial product management plan. This person will evaluate the current ag input market as well as farmer and ag retailers needs and overlay this with our extensive library of microbials to identify how and where to position Indigos microbial products. The US Microbial Product Manager will work cross-functionally aligning our R&D team and pipeline with the most relevant commercial opportunities, all the way to the front of the organization coordinating go-to-market launches of new products with our account manager and marketing teams. This will include determining our target customers, assessing the needs of current customers, defining potential product offerings, working with R&D to align appropriate initiatives, helping to develop/evolve the marketing plans of new and existing products, and increasing Microbial attach rates across Indigos Carbon offering. This position will report to our Head of Microbials, North America.


  • Create a commercial microbial management plan in close coordination with Crop Product Management that includes:
    • Evaluation of the current market, Indigos product portfolio, and identification of how to position Indigos microbial products to maximize sales and profitability
    • Identification of our niche and determination of how to target it effectively
    • End goal: be able to make specific recommendations such as, this is the best way to use our microbials (ie- drought stress, lower nitrogen for carbon credit/regen farming, etc.)
    • Actively participate in packaging design and communication of (example: bring in sustainable aspects of packaging)
  • Quickly understand customer insights, Indigos brand, customer service, offer management process, and Indigos US microbial products to define a customer journey map:
    • Identify target customers/segments that are more receptive to our biological products and determine how to position the characteristics of our microbial portfolio to position ourselves uniquely
    • Work with Indigos field marketing team to identify the right target audience and assist marketing where necessary with their customer outreach
    • Map existing products into the customer journey and work with Offer Management to identify areas of opportunity and market problems
    • Understand market problems and needs; identify areas where further research is needed, scope and conduct research either internally or using third party resource
    • Establish an ongoing and actionable process for collecting customer feedback
    • Leverage data to understand performance, identify areas of opportunity, and provide strategic direction to sales, marketing and the Microbial team.
  • We have millions of acres of interest in our carbon program; the Microbial Product Manager will be responsible for defining how to target these customers for Microbial opportunities
  • Determine the microbial needs of Indigo Acres teams and put a plan in place to support this team in our Indigo Acres activities:
    • Meet with Indigos agronomy and account managers to understand their business and microbial needs of their organization
    • Create a plan that delivers against these needs
  • Create strong working relationships with all adjacent functions, including: Global Microbial Product Management, Key Account Managers for US Microbials, US Agronomy, Marketing, with clear guidance on workflow ownership:
    • Identify cross-functional go-to-market opportunities to drive revenue and gross profitability for Indigo as a whole
  • Identify 5-10 third parties to position performance trials in coordination with Microbial Offer Management that give us at least a 3:1 return on investment (for every $1 spent on trials it returns at least $3 in gross profit)
  • Contribute to the Technical Project Planning process by providing market signals to Microbial Offer Management so they can align R&D efforts with commercial demand.
    • Question: What problems and opportunities exist with farmers today that we could potentially address with our microbial technology?
    • Solution: Determine how to effectively communicate the findings to our internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead cross-functional data collection and analysis:
    • Establish a clear process on how to aggregate and synthesize all data from Research & Development, Indigo Research Partners, and Commercial into consistent messages for current and future portfolio offerings
    • Coordinate trialing to obtain appropriate data sets to determine successful outcomes from commonalities such as soil type, climate, disease, etc. for future recommendations on replication of experiments, processes, etc.
    • Make these recommendations hyper-local to a farm level:
    • Prescribe specific products to specific farms, areas, and conditions where we have the highest probability of success.
    • Contribute to and lead Microbial trial design
  • Establish value proposition to target customers and stakeholders
    • Learn Indigos microbial pipeline and translate it into benefits for user channels (upstream, downstream, regional, national)
    • Understand the competitive landscape. Develop unique positioning for Indigo microbial portfolio (for example: tie low nitrogen microbials with carbon benefits)
    • Test market the microbial product features and time the product launches while constantly fine tuning processes
    • Articulate the distinctive competencies that set the offer/product(s)/features(s) apart from our competitors in the Microbial marketplace; hand off to marketing to develop positioning and messaging
  • Understands and embodies our mission & core values
    • Excited by Indigos mission; believes that Indigo can fundamentally change the agriculture industry; can clearly articulate passion for our mission and values
    • Optimistic and innovative; solution-oriented; shows no signs of cynicism
    • Will be widely viewed as someone who personifies our core values, is committed to them, and leans on them when making decisions. Specifically:
      • Demonstrates a track record of high integrity - doing the right thing, owning mistakes, conducting oneself honestly
      • Values, communicates and interacts with others with high levels of transparency and respect
      • Collaborates well across functions; creates an inspiring and collegial work environment


  • Understands crop cycles (e.g. decision timeline and farm requirements). Has deep technical agronomic understanding of the key US crops: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cotton) to a level that helps the identification and valuing of grower problems, the guidance of the product development process, and the correct positioning and pricing of our Microbial offerings
  • Comfortable with ambiguity comfortable making decisions from incomplete data sets
  • Self-starter with the ability to maintain flexibility in a fast-paced environment
  • Proactive mindset; thinks ahead for new opportunities
  • Able to work with a broad range of stakeholders across various seniority levels and functions
  • Mastery of qualitative feedback and quantitative metrics
  • Able to drive project teams to deliver on specific outcomes
  • An ability to lead and energize a group towards an aggressive goal while maintaining strong relationships
  • Strong influence to align stakeholders to the strategy
  • Understands industry norms of product communication and how Indigo can gain credibility with them
  • Ability to clearly set product vision and product roadmap
  • Empowering go-to-market teams
  • Able to lead by persuasion/negotiation
  • Demonstrated ability to understand market impact and pricing strategies to capture full value
  • High entrepreneurial drive
  • Positive attitude, unquestionable ethics, and a deep desire to see the organization win
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly articulate distinctive competencies (value propositions)


  • 8+ years in the Agriculture Industry:
  • 5+ years of agricultural product / agronomic marketing / product management experience
  • Experience with data visualization software preferred
  • Willingness to relocate to Boston, MA or Memphis, TN
  • Ability to travel as needed (33% +/-)
  • BS in a scientific field - Agronomy preferred
  • MBA/advanced degree preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to lead creation of a product as well as leading a go-to-market strategy for the product

Indigo is committed to living our values, specifically creating a work environment where everyone feels respected, connected, and has opportunities to learn and grow. As part of living our values, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone feels they can be themselves and has an equal opportunity of succeeding.


Employee Testimonials

Kelsey Steinbeck
Director, DevOps

"Working at Indigo allows me to make a positive impact on our Planet while also being part of industry disruption and innovation. I get to combine personal goals of doing positive things in the World while still getting to work on innovative technologies and solutions. It really can’t be beat!"

Daniel Glasgow
Software Engineer

"What drew me to Indigo was the opportunity for growth. Not just personal growth, although that’s appealing too, but the growth of the whole product. There are a million paths to pursue and we’re not penned in by existing structure."

Cassandra Ball
Cassandra Ball
Sr. Research Associate

"I love the lab culture of Indigo. It's great being surrounded by both hard-working and fun-loving people. Most of our experiments are challenging and having the support of coworkers throughout the day really makes it fun for me."

Trudi Baker
Trudi Baker
Senior Manager

"From the early days when the whole company consisted of less than 20 people, I remember EVERYONE would gather for lively brainstorming sessions, the founder of the company, bench scientists, data scientists, lab techs, an attorney - everyone participated and listened and learned from each other's experiences and opinions. Today Indigo is much larger, but this spirit of open communication and collaboration is still strong. We collaborate through our everyday work, through software like our online innovation exchange where we bounce ideas off each other, and through "hands-on" brainstorming sessions where we learn a new assay and some of the points which are most challenging and can share ideas about how to make it more efficient."

Lisa Hoopes
Sr. Software Product Manager

"I'm psyched to be building products that will help Growers sustainably feed the planet and put healthy food on people's plates. Working alongside genuine, kind, smart individuals I get the chance to combine my passion for health, nutrition and technology every day... and that's awesome."

Rachel Raymond
COO, North America

"I've spent my whole career in agriculture and always have been interested in the way technology can change farmers' lives. For US farmers, better technology might mean more profitability and the chance to keep the farm in the family for another generation. For farmers in many places in the world, like Central America or Southeast Asia, technology can mean the opportunity to send the next generation to school rather than keeping them home to help on the farm. We all count on farmers to be there for us, and bringing technology to the market that can make their lives easier is the most rewarding facet of Indigo's mission and my role within it."

Eda Reinot
VP, Regulatory

I find the most rewarding part of my job at Indigo is the opportunity to work with colleagues who have extraordinary talent and passion for what we are trying to accomplish as a company.