: Software Developer Intern
404 Wyman St, Ste 1000
Waltham, MA 02451



Location: Waltham, MA

At Intralinks we pride ourselves on giving each intern a real-world experience and opportunity to hone their skills, build their portfolio, network with professionals and build relationships, in addition to preparing them for a full-time position after graduation. Motivated interns play an important role in making this a reality, but were here to help!

About the Team

The Search Team works on providing a high performant Common Search Platform with RESTful APIs tailored for Intralinks using ElasticSearch. As a team we are polyglot (Java, JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Ruby) and work on all aspects of the Platform ranging from Architecture, through Testing and Deployment. The Search team is extremely passionate taking great pride in the quality of our work and being able to handle any kind of challenge thrown at them.

As an Intern on our team you will:

  • Programming skills: One or more of the following languages Python, JavaScript (NodeJS preferably), Golang, Java
  • Databases: Any of the RDBMS; PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Environment/OS: Linux Familiarity & Bash scripting
  • Be able to work on a backend development environment being familiar with RESTful services, HTTP verbs, HTTP status codes, having a reasonable understanding of concurrency, asynchronous processing and Design Patterns.

Nice to have:

  • Familiar with containerization (Docker, Rkt)
  • Container orchestration (Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Any one of Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SALT etc.
  • Any one or more of the NoSQL Stores (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • ElasticSearch knowledge a plus!

Required Qualifications & Relevant Experience:

A Bachelors/Currently enrolled in Masters program in Engineering preferably in Computer Science OR a related field with necessary Software skills gleaned academically or through Working experience.

Brief Project Description

The Search Project involves providing Enterprise Search as a Platform Service using ElasticSearch for other consumers through RESTful Services. The project involves the development, testing and deployment of the solution and performance benchmarking of the platform itself. Some of the skillsets you will be harnessing include but not limited are Java, NodeJS, Python, Groovy, Chef, Docker etc.


Employee Testimonials

Stephen Braverman
Senior Technical Support Analyst

"Successfully troubleshooting and resolving an issue is one of the most rewarding aspects of this position. It’s my job to make our client’s job a little easier."

Faith Christine
Senior Customer Success Manager
"It’s hard to describe good customer service, but when you don’t get it, you know. Always being there for the client and being their champion internally drives me. Helping them keeps me engaged."
Benny Samuel
Senior Technical Support Analyst

"When a client needs help and I’m able to resolve their issue, the relief I’m able to give them makes me feel that I’ve given them confidence in our product and our team."

Elena Dolghi
Former Director, Global Talent Acquisition & People Analytics

“Intralinks is where innovation and passion live. As the premier technology partner for global banking, deal making and capital markets our vision is synonymous with trust, quality and expertise.

I am proud to be part of this dedicated team committed to the development of our employees and success of our customers. Our people is at the core of everything we do and the main reason for our success, and we are always on the lookout for great talent to keep building upon quality, expertise and trust!”

Peter Frintzilas
Former Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy

“I am very excited about the next evolution of Intralinks.  We have the unique opportunity to build upon the strength of our brand and experience in the financial services industry to create a portfolio of critical applications that help facilitate the world’s most strategic transactions and banking relationships.  With the decision to invest in new cutting-edge cloud, security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, coupled with our top-notch employees, a rock star executive team and a world class PE ownership firm, we are on the path to create an industry leading FinTech company.”