: Senior Product Analytics Associate
311 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA 02472

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External Job Title: Senior Product Analytics Associate

Internal Job Title:

Job Profile Code: 102169

Cohort: Associate

IC or People Manager: IC

Department: Varies

Role this Reports to (role/cohort of their reporting Manager): Varies

Number of fulltime-equivalent direct reports:

Commission Eligible: No

FLSA Classification: Exempt

Full Time Location of Role: Varies

Position Summary:

This role is responsible for supporting Product Management with all adhoc data access and analytics questions, as well as with supporting ongoing performance management of KPIs. Expert in a specific data area and frequently expands coverage. This role defines the approach to data acquisition & analysis. Works collaboratively across teams.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

60% Track the overall success of product initiatives

  • Lead the measuring the success of each product across customers including perceptual metrics, scorecard metrics, adoption and utilization
  • Work with the Product Manager to determine the measures of success and guide good usage of outcome driven metrics
  • Pull user, transaction, and other data from complex systems in order to format into reports for the Product Managers
  • Synthesize results from experiments into data for the Product Managers to interpret success or failure
  • Data mining and analysis to drive product strategy and development

40% Monitor the overall health of products to provide information to Product Teams

  • Coordinate creating and maintaining visuals (e.g. dashboard, report card, etc) to keep Product teams informed and aware of overall health of the product
  • Working with other Product Analytics team members, lead the standardization of success metrics across
  • Manage plan to drive improvement of scorecard metrics, including helping investigate metric levers, cross-functional working groups, and track success of initiatives
  • Develop and manage strong, collaborative relationships with associated product team and other stakeholders, as needed, to help drive results

Education, Experience, & Skills Required

  • Bachelors Degree required; Degree (Bachelors or Masters) in quantitative disciples like Computer Science, Data Engineering, Data Science, Statistics, or Mathematics preferred
  • 5+ years overall professional experience, inclusive of a minimum of 2-3 years of data analytics or data science
  • Strong understanding of database technologies and ability to write code to gather data
  • Ability to effectively create reports and synthesize data into digestible and actionable information
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate across a range of audiences, both internal and external audiences, and across a range of cohort

Behaviors & Abilities Required:

  • Ability to synthesize complex, high quantity and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve business problems.
  • Ability to drive inter-team collaboration in order to achieve business results.
  • Ability to analyze a variety of information in order to drive strategic product development and client performance.
  • Demonstrated ability to use a variety of tools, techniques, and processes to gather and report data.
  • Ability to collect, combine, and analyze complex qualitative and quantitative information from different sources and formats and distill into manageable, actionable and shareable outputs.
  • Knowledge of, and ability to use, strategies, techniques and tools for effective communication of technical ideas to various audiences

Employee Testimonials

Olivia Adams
Lead Member Of Technical Staff

“I enjoy working at athenahealth because I am making something that matters.  My passion isn’t writing code - it’s what writing code enables me to do, which is make something for other people.  And there’s no nobler cause than healthcare.”


Sherry Cheuk
Product Operations Manager

“athenahealth has a mission to transform healthcare, which is something I really admire.  Every company out there is trying to grow, but I think our focus on making an impact and delivering value is really powerful.  Our work is about improving people’s lives.”