: Senior Mechanical Engineer
36 Cambridge Park Dr
Cambridge, MA 02140


Vecna Robotics has an opening for a senior level mechanical engineer to jump into a Phase II research project with an initial form factor already created. You will work with a cross functional engineering team to design and build custom components, actuators, and sensing methods for future robotic product offering. You should be able to demonstrate exceptional mechanical design skills, and provide a portfolio of machines you designed and built that show novel design skills in the area of actuation, sensing, and structural design. You will work closely with our team of roboticists to develop a next-generation automated system that will transform the logistics industry. Your work will be used in real-world applications by our customers across the globe. 
In this role you will:
  • Work as a member of Vecna Robotics' engineering team to design and develop concepts and R&D level prototypes and refine products.
  • Build design knowledge about complex systems using rigorous engineering testing and qualitative analysis procedures.
  • Take responsibility for entire systems and ensure parts work as designed.
  • Break down complex challenges into solvable pieces in a prioritized and time-effective manner.
  • Provide design feedback and critical analysis of design decisions for the team.
  • Discuss complex problems on a systems level, and frequently integrate engineering efforts with electrical and software engineers.
  • Mentor junior-level mechanical engineers in best-practices and professional growth.
What we are looking for:
  • BS or MS in Mechanical Engineering or relevant engineering degree.
  • 5 years minimum of practical work experience in a field related to product design, machine design, automation, or robotics.
  • Hands-on design experience with articulated electro-mechanical systems.
  • Proficient in SolidWorks (or equivalent) modeling
  • Mastery of tolerance stack analysis, engineering drawing creation, and GD&T.
  • Demonstrated ability to take a complex product from concept through production.
  • Excellent visual and verbal communication skills.
  • Willingness to work in a dynamic, team-based environment.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, creativity, a positive attitude and enthusiasm for new ideas.
  • Experience designing for mass production, which may include experience in any of the following: machining, welding, casting, molding, or 3D printing.
  • Working knowledge of relevant safety standards for autonomous vehicles and robotic manipulation systems a plus.
  • Experience with CE and UL certification of complex electro-mechanical systems a plus.
About Vecna Robotics:

Vecna Robotics is an exciting engineering startup in the process of scaling its suite of autonomous, material handling robots for the warehouse and supply industry. Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with workers for safe and flexible bulk transportation and fulfillment in a dynamic environment. As we become a leading producer of these collaborative warehouse robots, we seek candidates who thrive on developing creative solutions to daily challenges and can approach those challenges from the customer point of view. Our talented and hardworking team values self-discipline, leadership, innovation, and learning.