: Robotics Graduate Student Software Internship/Co-op - Summer 2020
36 Cambridge Park Dr
Cambridge, MA 02140


Vecna Robotics has openings for graduate student for intern and/or co-op positions in manipulation, controls, vision, and task planning, and more as described below. We will evaluate your candidacy for each area. A link to your code samples for previous class or personal projects is preferred as part of your application. Applicants able to commit to a co-op position from July-December, 2020 are preferred, but those available for a summer internship only will also be considered.

In these roles you will:

Manipulation and Controls: work on a project developing user interfaces for teleoperation of mobile manipulators;
Task Planning: work on a project developing task planning and scheduling techniques for coordinating teams of autonomous robots.
Computer Vision: work on computer vision techniques for robot localization and navigation.

Across all functional areas, we are looking for:

  • Currently pursuing MS/PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or equivalent engineering field with a focus on robotics.
  • Proficiency in a Linux environment.
  • Experience with ROS.
  • Experience with real robots is a plus.
Additional considerations for Manipulation and Controls:
  • Working understanding of robot kinematics and dynamics.
  • Proficiency in Python and C/C++ development.
  • Experience with MoveIt!, rviz; and/or Gazebo.
  • Experience with real world robotic arms is a plus.
Additional considerations for Task Planning:
  • Experience with task planning and scheduling algorithms.
  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Java.
Additional considerations for Computer Vision:
  • Strong background in computer vision, image processing, and related fields.
  • Hands-on experience in computer vision such as: 3D reconstruction; camera pose estimation; 2D and 3D tracking; and/or object recognition.
  • Proficiency with C/C++ and computer vision libraries (such as OpenCV).
  • Experience in research projects that published preferred.
  • Experience in real-time computer vision systems preferred.
About Vecna Robotics:

Vecna Robotics is an exciting engineering startup in the process of scaling its suite of autonomous, material handling robots for the warehouse and supply industry. Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with workers for safe and flexible bulk transportation and fulfillment in a dynamic environment. As we become a leading producer of these collaborative warehouse robots, we seek candidates who thrive on developing creative solutions to daily challenges and can approach those challenges from the customer point of view. Our talented and hardworking team values self-discipline, leadership, innovation, and learning.