: Program Manager, Delivery
51 Melcher Street
Boston, MA 02210


First and foremost, Kyruuvians care deeply about our vision to enable human beings to care for human beings, our mission, and our CORE values: 

  • Caring – We care about our clients, their patients, and each other.
  • Ownership – We own our success and have the courage to make decisions.
  • Respect – We respect and enjoy each other's journey, experiences, and gifts.
  • Empowerment – We empower our team, our clients, their providers and patients to make the right decisions.

Here’s what that would mean for you in the Program Manager, Delivery role. 


You’ll contribute to the Kyruus vision and mission by leading projects within the Program Management Department with a specific focus on driving efficiency and excellence throughout our Delivery teams and processes.  You will own general operations and process improvement throughout to connect the work of our delivery team directly to our company initiatives, corporate and team scorecard goals, and/or business development opportunities. In addition, you will develop specific areas of expertise to help the Program Management Department develop frameworks, perspectives, tools, processes, and analytics. 


  • You’ll undertake a major role in defining, leading, and completing process improvement initiatives within the Delivery Team. Specifically, you’ll: 
  1. Focus on evaluating, in detail, current operations from start to finish.  You’ll analyze this information to find areas of waste, duplication and frequent errors; and develop plans to implement changes.
  2. Achieve buy-in from all decision makers for the successful application of performance excellence / performance improvement. You’ll create team processes for optimizing results.  
  3. Monitor the results of those changes to ensure they are working and you’ll make continuous improvements and adjustments to maintain efficient operations.
  • You’ll participate on multiple projects at once, helping to structure the work, manage efforts, and write/give presentations to fellow colleagues and senior executives.
  • You will work closely with the Chief Customer Officer, Director, Delivery Operations, VP Customer Success & Support, VP Account Management, VP Implementation, and other senior executives at Kyruus.
  • Additionally, you will lead effective brainstorming sessions to understand process improvement needs, structure the work associated,  independently structure meeting agendas, facilitate meetings with more senior stakeholders, guide group problem-solving, and develop action plans. 
  • You will work to develop relationships with teams across the organization and build trust-based, influencing relationships with more senior peers.
  • You’ll report to the Director, Delivery Operations in the Program Management Department within the Delivery division of the Company. 


How You’ll Use Your Professional Skills

You’ll use your 7+ years experience in project management, as well as business and strategic planning to:

  • Partner with senior leadership to determine and prioritize opportunities, and collaborate with leaders in all functional areas to align internal an external resources and communicate project status and updates.
  • Ensure operational readiness through initiative oversight and providing regular reporting and maintain ongoing communications to senior management, stakeholders and sponsors.

You’ll use your prioritization and time management skills to:

  • Recognize and proactively manage operational dependencies and risks across Kyruus’ strategic initiatives, product roadmap, and resourcing processes.
  • Effectively coordinate work across various departments to conquer larger, complicated projects. 

You’ll use your communication and problem-solving skills to:

  • Ask the right questions and listen actively to our internal teams to understand changing needs.
  • Create an inclusive environment where your peels feel motivated to succeed.
  • Escalate issues and provide project updates to upper management. 
  • Coordinate and serve on cross-departmental work groups to improve internal processes.

Minimal travel may be expected of this role.


How You’ll Know You’re Succeeding

  • You’re a trusted member of the Delivery team and can provide immediate value in assisting with a wide variety of tasks.
  • You successfully provide project management, strategic guidance and partnership to the senior program management team related to organizational strategy and operational effectiveness.
  • You help define, measure, and evangelize the value of the program management team. 
  • You provide clear feedback to others and successfully collaborate with Delivery to understand areas for improvement and tradeoffs. 

Where You’ll Go From Here

  • Kyruuvians in the Program Manager, Delivery role can move in a more linear career within the Program Management team.  The next step is Senior Program Manager and this individual could explore this role within program management on the Delivery division or Product Development division.  
  • Kyruus also loves to see an internal transfer. If a linear career path is not what you’re looking for, you can work with your manager and HR to explore lateral moves to other parts of the organization as you continue to grow with us.