Bloomberg: Senior Software Engineer- Ticketing Platform
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The Ticketing Platform Team is responsible for building Bloomberg's widely used ticketing system. The system is in use across the firm to deliver work requests to over 80 departments across the company- everything from HR requests, changing the temperature in a conference room, to your long-term network operations projects.

The system we build handles over 3 million tickets a year and processes the distribution of tickets to a representative in under a second. After receiving and reviewing the work, representatives from these departments can also use the dashboards and workflow applications we build to manage and track everything.

With the large number of departments in our ticketing system, each with their own unique ways of working, our platform needs to be highly robust and customizable. If you are on this team, you will find yourself asking questions like- How can we build this new system into pluggable backend modules? What new microservices or libraries do we need? How can we handle the growth of tickets we get every day and workflows that are configured in our system? How can we ensure that with all the customizations we'll make available, that the UI remains intuitive?

This huge undertaking means a major overhaul of the existing ticketing technology and the opportunity for us (and you) to leverage all the newest technologies and work with all areas of the company.

Given the variety of problems we tackle every day, our engineering team relies on a wide array of technologies that best fits our needs. Currently, we use a combination of various technologies such as Javascript/Typescript, MS SQL Server, C++, Python, Windows web services, SOLR and Hadoop. We are constantly looking for more technologies that can comprise the next generation of our tech stack. We own everything from a complex, multi-threaded distribution server to customizable and reusable UI's that show only the relevant information to the user. We have proprietary algorithms that analyze trends, patterns, and crunch realtime data so that our Bloomberg Operations team knows exactly what is going on around the world.

As part of this team, we'll trust you to:

  • Be the owner of the product you will work closely with the business to build a strong product
  • Be a solid team player- you can expect to work with others in a highly, collaborative environment
  • Be innovative - you'll think outside of the box when coming up with technical solutions that deliver business value
  • Be passionate- you're passionate about our diverse set of users and product
  • Be proactive- you'll contribute ideas on everything from UI, product, tech stack and our development flow

You'll need to have:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in a strongly-typed object-oriented language
  • 3+ years of professional experience with a relational SQL database
  • Professional experience working in a Linux/Unix environment
  • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills
  • BA, BS, MS, PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or related technology field

Employee Testimonials

Bloomberg Testimonial

I’ve been at Bloomberg for almost 5 years now and throughout my time in Analytics, I learned an immense amount about the Customer Service industry. Particularly, how clients interact with client service representatives and through technological means. It also connected me to many different departments throughout the organization, and that knowledge and network has helped me drive results involving multiple stakeholders.

Bloomberg Testimonial

I get uncomfortable if I start feeling too comfortable at work. Luckily there is no shortage of exciting challenges here.

Bloomberg Testimonial

I really enjoy working on stories that allow me to collaborate with other Bloomberg reporters to reveal deep insights on the largest operators in the credit space.