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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

10 Hudson Yards
New York, NY 10001

Who are we?

At Intersection, we are at the forefront of the smart cities revolution. Our mission is to improve daily life in cities and public spaces, with products that bridge the digital and physical worlds by delivering connectivity, information and content to enrich our everyday journeys and elevate the urban experience.

We pair our human-centered methodology with cutting-edge technology to design, develop, deliver, and maintain unique products and experiences in public space that deliver value to advertisers, cities, and consumers. Whether partnering with urban transit systems to revolutionize commuting and travel, with cities to transform how they connect with residents and visitors, or private developers to create unforgettable experiences in neighborhoods and districts, our solutions are scalable platforms on which our clients can build the future.

Intersection is backed by Alphabet through its urban technology company Sidewalk Labs.

What is the role?

As a Senior Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Intersection, you will assist in the design and management of infrastructure and automation that is responsible for the reliability and performance of our products, in close collaboration with our development teams. We work in cross-functional teams, implement infrastructure as code, use CI for testing, and solve problems using creativity and wisdom. We work with hardware we can touch and infrastructure we will never see. But the most important thing is that we work closely with smart and creative people to solve problems important to our products and clients, using automation at every opportunity to eradicate manual toil. This role requires excellent interaction skills, an ability to think and speak clearly, and an understanding of when to ask for help. You should be a strong collaborator, creative problem solver, eminently resourceful, and someone who enjoys learning and sharing knowledge.

Your first 30 days, you will:

  • Get to know the team
  • Begin to learn about and work on your areas of responsibility
  • Learn about the company's environment and integrate into its culture
  • Begin to identify areas of growth and things to learn for your first year
  • Start taking ownership of your areas of responsibility
  • Contribute to support of the environment
  • Begin contributing to plans for the ongoing lifecycle of the environment

You are awesome for this role because:

  • You have experience with continuous integration, log collection, and analysis builds and performance monitoring/tuning of your infrastructure
  • You have the ability to automate infrastructure and application deployments, debug deployments, and bring forth new ideas for continuous improvement
  • You are proficient with configuration management systems (such as Ansible/Chef/Puppet), deployment pipelines, and scripting in languages such as bash and python
  • You have designed, monitored, supported, and managed scalable and fault-tolerant systems
  • You have experience running modern distributed container management systems (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, etc.)
  • You are comfortable managing cloud infrastructure, bare-metal servers, and virtualized environments.
  • You have experience with low-level Linux troubleshooting and debugging (CPU, memory profiling, etc.)
  • You enjoy working with engineers to make the software development process as painless as possible
  • You have a keen ability to understand the needs of the business and our clients and work with engineers and product managers to ensure the infrastructure and deployment methods achieve business and technical objectives
  • You want to help make our development practices better and reduce friction from idea to deployment
  • You are comfortable working as a senior member of a team, helping establish team standards, mentoring those junior to you, and discussing the pros and cons of tools and technical approaches with all team members
  • You are able to evaluate new technologies and clearly communicate the benefits and risks of adoption
  • You are resourceful, intellectually curious, and self-motivated to learn new things and stay abreast of top technology trends
  • You have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in DevOps or Linux/Unix SysAdmin roles with 1-3 years of AWS experience (S3, EC2, IAM, Route 53)

Intersection is an equal opportunity employer.

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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Intersection is at the forefront of the smart cities revolution, improving the experience of public places through technology that provides connectivity, information, and engaging content and experiences. 

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