: Senior Data Scientist
One Soho Square
New York, NY 10013

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CVS Health testimonial
CVS Health testimonial


Job Description
Act as an analytics product owner, translating business needs/requirements into analytics projects and actions. Collaborate with data engineering teams to build reliable, scalable and automated data pipelines using Hadoop, Apache Spark/Flink. Mine big data to find actionable insights for driving ongoing improvements and fertilizing new discoveries using tools like Rattle and Rapid Miner. Manage end-to-end view of marketing performance through creation of marketing and sales online/offline attribution models, visualization of full funnel performance, demand modeling, and lead forecasting. Apply machine learning and optimization algorithms to maximize the efficiency of Aetnas book of business. Develop and enhance statistical inference models required to retrospectively measure the financial impact of cross-channel advertising spend, inform volume and mix of future spend using languages like R/Python. Conduct A/B testing and Hypothesis testing for new designs and products to drive member acquisition and engagement.

Background Experience
Masters degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems related field, Minimum two years of data analytics related experience. Must have experience with the following: Programming languages like Python, R, Pig Latin, Bash scripting, SAS, Hive; Data Management technologies/Frameworks including Hadoop, Spark, SQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008, Oracle, IBM Netezza, AWS S3, RedShift, Flink; Data visualization tools including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, Dataroma, R Shiny; Data Mining tools including Rattle, Rapid Miner, Oracle Data Mining; and Data science techniques including predictive modeling, forecasting and machine learning.

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Employee Testimonials

CVS Health testimonial
David L. Casey
Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer

The military has an ethos that is grounded in purpose-driven service that’s bigger than the induvial. The same holds true for us at CVS Health. You can talk to colleagues in any part of our business and they will be able to articulate our company’s purpose. Working here provides an opportunity for service members and military spouses to continue to serve -- just in a civvies.

CVS Health testimonial
Susan Medina
Head of Executive Search & International Talent Acquisition

As a member of the CVS Health team I have the chance of a lifetime to work for a company with a purpose in which I truly believe. Who wouldn’t want to go to work every single day knowing that every conversation, every meeting, every email, every day will have an impact on someone, especially when that someone is likely a friend, a family member, a grandma, or even a stranger?