Hello Alfred: Senior Brand Designer
61 Broadway
New York, NY 10013


The Mission

Named one of the Top 50 Worlds Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Hello Alfred is the worlds largest real estate service platform, quickly becoming the standard technology in urban living. Were on a mission to build intuitive, personal help and anticipatory technology into one of the most important spaces in our lives: our home. As a startup at the intersection of four multi-billion dollar industries- real estate, technology, service and commerce - Hello Alfred is a new kind of company, thats trusted to serve consumers past their front door.

Partnering with the largest real estate developers in the world, Hello Alfreds footprint has grown rapidly in the last three years and currently operates in 16 markets with over 300 employees.

We are looking for extremely inspired and talented people to join our team at a moment of extreme growth.

The Outcome

We're looking for a supportive, strategic, passionate Senior Brand Designer to elevate and establish the brand design discipline at Hello Alfred. Weve built our brand on a foundation of trust as we serve people in their homes each and every day. We need a design leader to help define our identity and voice, and mindfully evolve the brand over time. Our needs span a broad range of touch points and audiences, from residents who live in Hello Alfred buildings who need to learn about all the ways we can help them day to day, to property owners who need to understand the value of bringing the Hello Alfred technology platform to their residents.

As a Senior Brand Designer at Hello Alfred, you'll set an example for strong design thinking, and strategy for creative development. You will build relationships with partners in product and marketing to shape the way brand design work is developed.

As a startup that occupies the intersection of service, technology, real estate, and retail commerce, we are a new kind of company creating a new category of business. As such, were looking for experienced designers who are driven by learning, strong design fundamentals, strategic thinking, and who are excited by the challenge of developing solutions in a space that has yet to be designed for.

How youll help us to be successful

  • You will establish, maintain, and evolve brand guidelines as a living, breathing resource for Hello Alfred. Guidelines include guidance for both visual language and voice and tone for copy. You will partner with cross-functional teams to establish a shared understanding of these guidelines.
  • You will define and execute brand identity, marketing campaigns, social assets and websites. Successful candidates should have a portfolio that demonstrates familiarity with most of these types of projects, as well as the ability to maintain an overarching brand aesthetic across channels.
  • You will partner with leaders in other disciplines to establish healthy, collaboration processes to develop strategy, roadmaps, and pipelines of brand design work. Opportunities for collaboration include marketing campaigns, visual identities for Hello Alfred events, and general brand communications.
  • Be autonomous. Youll take full ownership of your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way.
  • Help grow a collaborative, optimistic, and supportive culture.

Your Skillset

  • Execution: You are a design leader with deep experience in graphic design, brand strategy, developing a visual language, product and marketing communications.
  • Craft: You have a strong command and understanding of design fundamentals (typography, composition, balance, art direction, pacing, narrative), and maintain a high standard for quality of output.
  • Synthesis: You have translated brand strategy into design initiatives and executional plans in product and marketing communications, informed by customer research and insights.
  • Collaboration: You will develop an understanding about the work of other disciplines that make up the whole of Hello Alfred in order to help facilitate the most productive and empathetic environment for the work we do together. In order to leverage the knowledge of all members of the Hello Alfred team, youll be expected to run productive brainstorms and discussions that help contribute to our collective understanding of our customers and the business.
  • Communication: We have a strong design critique culture where youll be expected to communicate complex ideas and solutions in a way that enables progress and exceptional design output. Youll share your work early and often, getting feedback from our collaborators, customers and partners, and are open to ideas while maintaining focus on your goal. On occasion youll direct and lead group conversations, presentations, and product reviews.

About Us

Hello Alfred is a hospitality and technology platform focused on building intuitive, personal help into the most important space in our lives: our home. As the only company in the world that customers trust in their homes, were building a world where people come first, hospitality is an everyday luxury, and its not only easy, but OK, to ask for help to manage our busy lives.

We believe in responsible company-building, which means we deeply consider the second- and third-order consequences of our actions. We do the right thing, even when its more difficult or takes longer.

As a result, we build products people not only love, but trust. Human-powered technology with heart.

Find out why Fast Company named our four-year-old startup one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World and join us on our mission to build the future of urban living where help is a given.