Bloomberg: Scala/Python Full-Stack Web Engineer for Enterprise Console (Consultant)
731 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10022


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Bloomberg Testimonial
Bloomberg Testimonial
Bloomberg Testimonial

Enterprise Technology (ET) provides to Bloomberg and its clients a robust infrastructure to send, receive and transform billions of data messages every day which are critical to the health of global financial markets. Given the relevance of the data exchanged, our clients demand complete transparency of the different parts of our ecosystem, therefore we created the Enterprise Console.

Enterprise Console (EC) is a self-service web portal that empowers technologists within hundreds of firms to monitor, alert, and configure real-time workflows. We provide an ecosystem for developers to build and deploy applications within our Web console. We also provide Analytics tools to our Enterprise clients which crunch high volume, high throughput data with near real-time latency every day, and use predictive analytics to proactively notify our clients about anomalies in their data flow patterns.

We'll trust you to:

  • Work on all levels of the web stack with focus on the backend (Scala/Play, Python/Flask, Docker)
  • Help drive the direction of our growing architecture.
  • Drive complex technical projects from the planning stage through to execution.
  • Contribute to planning, design, implementation, testing, operations, and process improvement as a member of a Scrum team.
  • Build first-to-market features while maximizing the stability of our systems and planning for future feature iterations.
  • Work effectively with Product and Engineering teams and be able to influence the product/technical vision.

You'll need to have:

  • Relevant work experience in software development lifecycle
  • Experience in one or more of the following programming languages:Scala, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Go and/or Java
  • Experience designing APIs using RESTFul or GraphQL
  • Understanding of core CS concepts, such as, common data structures, algorithms and programming paradigms
  • Ability to take on complex problems, learn quickly, and persist towards a good solution

We'd love to see:

  • A strong understanding of microservices
  • Experience in working with modern front-end technologies and/or front-end frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular
  • Knowledge about one or more of the following technologies: Kafka, Solr, Redis
  • Previous experience working with high volume consumer facing Web applications
  • Experience in deployment, build and infrastructure management (Jenkins/Docker)
  • Working knowledge in testing at the unit, integration and system levels
  • Architecture and design experience of new and current systems (design patterns, reliability and scaling)
  • Strong code review skills
  • Understanding of web architecture (CDN, Proxies, Caching, Server infrastructure)

Employee Testimonials

Bloomberg Testimonial

I’ve been at Bloomberg for almost 5 years now and throughout my time in Analytics, I learned an immense amount about the Customer Service industry. Particularly, how clients interact with client service representatives and through technological means. It also connected me to many different departments throughout the organization, and that knowledge and network has helped me drive results involving multiple stakeholders.

Bloomberg Testimonial

I get uncomfortable if I start feeling too comfortable at work. Luckily there is no shortage of exciting challenges here.

Bloomberg Testimonial

I really enjoy working on stories that allow me to collaborate with other Bloomberg reporters to reveal deep insights on the largest operators in the credit space.