Facebook: Product Management Lead, Recruiting Products


The Recruiting Product Team's mission is to develop products and technology to identify and hire the most talented people in the world, at Facebook scale. After growing to over 35,000 employees to date, we have one of the largest internal recruiting teams in the world, and maintain an extremely high bar for talent. Operating at this scale requires re-thinking the whole recruiting paradigm, and shipping unique products, both internally and externally.

We are looking for a Lead for our Recruiting Products team to define the next generation of recruiting tools for our recruiting organization. You will be responsible for reimagining how we use technology and data to rethink how recruiting is done at Facebook. You will help envision, build, deploy and develop our next generation of sourcing, engagement, interview and analytics tools for recruiters at Facebook's scale. You'll be part of transforming a set of individual tools into a world class product. You will be bridging the gap between business and engineering, and functioning with deep expertise in both worlds.

Required Skills

  • Lead the ideation, technical development, and launch of innovative recruiting products
  • Establish shared vision across the company by building consensus on priorities leading to product execution
  • Manage and grow a team of product managers, while also expanding existing product workstreams
  • Integrate usability studies, research and market analysis into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction
  • Define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products
  • Coordinate and scale cross-functional efforts across the globe
  • Understand Facebooks strategic and competitive position and deliver products that are recognized in the industry
  • Maximize efficiency in a constantly evolving environment where the process is fluid and creative solutions are the norm

Why We Work Here

Edward Fagin (Photo credit: Ryan Mack)
Edward Fagin
Engineering Manager

I'm an engineering manager on our real-time infrastructure team, and my team focuses on GraphQL Subscriptions — a component of the widely-used GraphQL open source query language for APIs — that makes it easier for engineers to build real-time features into their products. At Facebook, this framework powers a number of features that people use every day, including comment-typing indicators and streaming reactions on live videos.

At Facebook, you have the opportunity to contribute to an incredibly wide range of infrastructure projects. While our engineers have a variety of expertise, they share a passion for solving complex engineering challenges at scale. It's humbling to know that everything you work on can potentially impact more than two billion people around the world.

Vaneeta Singh (Photo credit: Ryan Mack)
Vaneeta Singh
Engineering Manager

We develop the network software for Facebook applications on iOS and Android platforms. This includes measuring and improving performance, reliability, security, and efficiency of network communication with Facebook servers. Getting the most out of a diverse set of worldwide mobile networks, and millions of handsets with a wide range of hardware capabilities is challenging as well as fun. All this while we play good citizens in these networks and are mindful of the device battery, storage, and data consumption.