Hello Alfred: Product Lead
61 Broadway
New York, NY 10013


Youll click with us if you

  • Practice empathy
  • Conduct yourself with the highest integrity
  • Are thoughtful, self-reflective and always open to learning
  • Speak up with radical candor
  • Approach your work like an owner
  • Have a high and ever-climbing bar for excellence
  • Always do things the right way, even when its harder
  • Believe that #oneteam is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Leave no loops unclosed

The mission

Named one of the Top 50 Worlds Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Hello Alfred is the worlds largest real estate service platform, quickly becoming the standard technology in urban living. Were on a mission to build intuitive, personal help and anticipatory technology into one of the most important spaces in our lives: our home. As a startup at the intersection of four multi-billion dollar industries- real estate, technology, service and commerce - Hello Alfred is a new kind of company, thats trusted to serve consumers past their front door.

Partnering with the largest real estate developers in the world, Hello Alfreds footprint has grown rapidly in the last three years and currently operates in 16 markets with over 300 employees.

We are looking for extremely inspired and talented people to join our team at a moment of extreme growth.

The outcome

After steadily and sustainably scaling our national footprint, we are entering a new phase of rapid growth, and we need a Product Lead with the ability and passion for building solutions to people-centered problems that are created at the intersection of human behavior and technology.

As part of a growing Product & Engineering team, you will have a direct and immediate influence on supporting our massive growth and also shaping our next generation platform. You will help develop our product management philosophy and practices to lead the construction of a new type of service. Hello Alfred offers the opportunity to work closely with all aspects of a multi-sided business from our operations team, customers and - the stars of the business - the Alfred Client Managers.

What youre like

  • You are practical, understand that details are the product, and can prioritize and focus the relevant cross-functional teams until the work is done.
  • You are obsessed with user experience, and service design. Youll have a deep understanding of the user experience and use it to build a realistic vision of what success is - doing whatever it takes to make that vision a reality.
  • You are part architect, part executor, and always detail and data driven. Youll be working with all functions of the business, building relationships and positioning yourself as a leader of the product.
  • You think deeply about organizations and the role of Product Managers in them. Product management means many different things at different companies, youre interested in evolving the way business problems are solved by technology teams.

How youll help us to be successful

  • Own the development of the Alfred experience with a focus on one or more of our core business areas. You will balance priorities and stakeholders to create a feature roadmap and ship product continuously.
  • Take ownership of a significant portion of the Hello Alfred business. Can influence others and work with multiple functions; gets others to adopt your priorities and do the things necessary to help the product succeed.
  • Be a strategic thinker - asks the right questions to push the team and product forward, understands where the market is and where its going.
  • Analyze data to make testable hypotheses and move forward based on results. Focus on relevant factors and ignore trivial factors and data noise.
  • Care deeply about our customers. Listen to them, but also probe deeper into underlying problems to get at the compelling value proposition for the customer.
  • Understand the architectural and business capabilities of the competition. Know how to differentiate Alfred from the rest of the market.
  • Constantly monitor assumptions - knows what the most important assumptions are, and re-evaluates them as soon as an assumption is threatened.
  • Thread the Needle - You can hold the needs of our many stakeholders (residents, buildings, vendors, Alfreds, operations) in your head and understand the implications that your work will have throughout the system.

What superpowers youll use

  • 7+ years of experience with a background in product management and user experience
  • You have a strategic approach to product development
  • Youre creative and get stuff done
  • Experience with category defining, innovative product preferred
  • Great at providing clear, written specifications
  • Comfortable with large-scale data and data analysis and can iterate based on results
  • Have vision, creativity, and divergent thinking
  • Passionate about all things product
  • Enjoy collaboration and working in a team environment
  • Empathy and ability to articulate user needs
  • Expansive knowledge of technical approaches, solutions and methods to solve a problem

About Us

Hello Alfred is a hospitality and technology platform focused on building intuitive, personal help into the most important space in our lives: our home. As the only company in the world that customers trust with the keys to their homes, were building a world where people come first, hospitality is an everyday luxury, and its not only easy, but OK, to ask for help to manage our busy lives.

We believe in responsible company-building, which means we deeply consider the second- and third-order consequences of our actions. We do the right thing, even when its more difficult or takes longer.

As a result, we build products people not only can love, but trust. Human-powered technology with heart.

Find out why Fast Company named this four-year-old startup one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World. Join us on our mission to build the future of urban living.