: Director of Engineering, MoPub
245 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011

Twitter is looking for an engineering leader to head our MoPub Engineering team.

If this sounds like you, you probably have:

  • A solid background in Computer Science and Advertisement Technology.
  • Managed an engineering team at scale, both in terms of size of the organization and complexity.
  • Have experience with large scale distributed systems
  • Helped engineering teams through periods of rapid growth, while investing in the core technical foundation.
  • Experience building an inclusive engineering culture, with teams that are eager to learn and deeply curious.
  • Created high-performing engineering teams that attract, retain and grow outstanding junior and senior talent, both engineers and managers.
  • Partnered closely with product, contributed to product strategy and instilled a customer-focused mindset in the organization.

Who We Are

MoPub, is a mobile app monetization and promotion platform. MoPub is Twitter’s mobile publishing platform for promoting and monetizing downloadable iOS and Android applications. Described as “a hosted ad serving solution specifically for mobile”, it allows businesses to manage and optimize campaigns, analyze performance reports and metrics, and achieve higher eCPMs through the largest mobile RTB (real-time bidding) exchange.

MoPub’s SDK (software development kit) is specifically designed with the needs of mobile app publishers in mind. Its first-party features support major campaign management, budgeting and targeting capabilities, as well as the creation of formatted banner, full screen, video and native ads.

As a mobile marketing tool, MoPub can be a lucrative solution for individuals and agencies looking to generate serious revenue from their iOS and Android applications. 

For eCommerce companies and mobile-game developers in particular, MoPub’s install ad formats mean huge gains for a lower average CPAC (cost-per-app-click).

When mobile application developers download MoPub's SDK and are on-boarded to the platform, they get access to a variety of tools that allow them to mediate ad sales across various types of ad buyers, both directly and programmatically, and serve ads in their mobile apps. Programmatic ad sales flow through MoPub's proprietary mobile in-app ad exchange called MoPub Marketplace (aka MPX), where DSPs bid for apps' ad impressions in real-time (i.e. RTB; real-time bidding). The platform also includes robust Analytics for app developers to manage their ad revenue and user experience.

MoPub is a very large scale system serving about 6B requests a day to 50K apps running on 1B+ devices. 

Who You Are:

We’re looking for a technical, industry experienced director to join a stellar team of passionate and talented engineers.

You have a track record of establishing long-term visions for teams and then making them successful against those visions. You lead, manage and mentor contributors on your team. You bring a strong perspective that inspires change and motivates engineers to develop simple solutions into complex problems. You are confident and experienced in leading leaders and managers.


  • Represent MoPub’s engineering team within the Revenue organization and Twitter.
  • Mentor the professional development of each direct report through personal and performance management.
  • Be comfortable in the process of hiring top talent that will help grow the team.
  • Give your engineers the tools, confidence, and motivation to make decisions independently.
  • Remove any roadblocks that the team is facing.
  • Work with leadership to capture product requirements, new feature proposals and large product improvements.
  • Initiate multi-functional collaboration with Product, Research and Design to develop high quality focused products.
  • Ensure the team fully understands the goals and objectives of Twitter as a company and how their work fits into the bigger picture.
  • Be responsible for the team’s technical strategy and roadmap – building success metrics in close collaboration with other Engineering and Product Managers.


  • Experience with building products, taking them to the market and iterating and improving them over time.
  • Exposure to large scale server side infrastructure and engineering
  • Experience with Mobile SDKs
  • Has the technical capacity to dive into the different parts of the stack encompassing the frontend and backend.
  • Familiarity with basic fundamentals of probability theory and statistics.
  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of people management skills including managing managers

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