Rightway Healthcare: Data Engineer
667 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065


We are seeking a full-time Data Engineer who is proficient with Python, serverless architectures, and the AWS ecosystem to join our growing team of healthcare experts. You will collaborate with senior software engineers and data scientists to build out infrastructure and data pipelines atop terabytes of data. We view this role as a critical, high-leverage role and strongly believe that this role is central to our ability to become a disruptive technology company that improves patient health while lowering medical costs.
Rightway Healthcare was founded in early 2017 by a team of dedicated healthcare, business and technology leaders. Rightway is a technology platform that provides employees and their families with the support, information and advocacy they need to be better healthcare consumers. We combine a high-tech consumer portal with a high-touch dedicated concierge environment to provide consumers with the same level of support and guidance they would receive if they had a doctor in the family. We are focused on personalization, implementation, advocacy and results.

Rightway works with employers from 100 – 25,000 employees to provide an ecosystem of healthcare navigation for employees. We are committed to generating high member satisfaction scores, industry leading engagement and a quantifiable ROI for every employer. Our approach is rooted in analytics and guided by a bottoms-up understanding of a population.

Rightway is privately financed, having raised over $30 million to date. It is headquartered out of New York City, with new offices in Hudson Yards.

  • Use the AWS ecosystem to construct systems that efficiently handle our ever-increasing volume of data
  • Maintain existing ETLs written using Python and deployed using Docker containers and the AWS Fargate service
  • Build batch and streaming data pipelines with tools such as Airflow that ingest gigabyte-scale files and populate our OMOP CDM healthcare analytics database
  • Design database schemas in PostgreSQL to optimize data integrity and performance
  • Develop and maintain REST and gRPC APIs that expose data to our product and engineering teams in a performant way
  • Communicate with clients to establish secure data transmission via SFTP and other protocols.
  • An BS/MS in CS or any other relevant fields of study
  • Fluency in Python, Apache Spark, Bash, SQL, and relational database design.
  • Ability to orchestrate, code, test, and document ETL pipelines
  • Experience packaging and deploying applications using containers, Kubernetes, or serverless architectures
  • Has a deep knowledge of the AWS ecosystem and has managed AWS production environments
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal