: Lead Quantitative UX Researcher
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athenahealth is seeking a lead data analyst/developer to join a team developing an internal application to support the R&D organization. This analyst/developer is joining a small full-stack team, and so a good candidate has some skills complementary to the current team, and a desire to learn additional skills. The candidate should have experience in several of these areas: database development, ETL, back-end development, data visualization, data analysis, and/or front-end development. The best candidates will be experts in one or more areas of the stack, and interested in learning about other areas as part of a collaborative agile team.

The application this team is building will help the organization manage our user research studies and recruiting, plus additional types of user experience data. Our Design Operations team supports user research for our designers we are building a system to help automate this, including a UI, back-end, database, and integrations into other systems (e.g. Qualtrics, Salesforce, recruiting panels, and other user research & recruiting tools as added). This role will support the development & automation of our internal design research system, to accelerate the pace of user research at athenahealth and enable advanced reporting on the knowledge gathered from them.

Position Summary:

Analyst/Developers at athenahealth are influential members of cross-functional scrum teams helping to design and build complex, data heavy systems. This person acts as the primary technical point of execution on large, complex projects, as a contributor and leader. They guide UX and development staff utilizing data principles to realize maintainable and scalable databases and back-end work.

This role is full-time, based in Watertown, MA.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assess the level of effort for designing & developing databases, data models, new data tools, and provide estimates.
  • Execute data designs and deliver production quality ETL.
  • Arrive at implementations that have thoroughly considered business requirements, product roadmap, technical feasibility and maintainability, scalability, user needs, and aesthetics.
  • Be the go-to expert the team trusts on matters of UI implementation including, but not limited to: UI performance, cross-browser/platform solutions, code organization.
  • Perform reviews of databases, data quality, & code, and design for execution quality and consistency.
  • Ability to decompose a large scale project into several phases.
  • Create, track, and communicate project scheduling to the team.

Education, Experience, & Skills Required:

  • BA/BS required. Focus in Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems, or equivalent industry experience
  • 6+ years of experience developing systems such as databases, back-ends, or full-stack.
  • Has experience with many of the following skills (we expect applicants to have experience in a few of these areas and an interest in learning others).
  • Ability to do ETL, e.g. moving data from a source location to a centralized database (We use KNIME. Experience with similar tools is great too, such as Informatica, Pentaho, or SSIS).
  • Ability to analyze data (We use KNIME & Python. Experience with similar tools is great too, such as RapidMiner, Alteryx, R, & MATLAB).
  • Ability to write complex SQL queries, creating views to simplify repeated data access (We use primarily Snowflake. Experience with other databases is great too, such as Redshift, AWS Aurora, MySQL, & SQL Server).
  • Ability to write technical documentation, especially for databases tables and views
  • Ability to create data visualizations and/or dashboards, and knowledge for best practices in data visualization and visual storytelling with data (We use Tableau, Vega, & D3. Experience with similar tools is great too, such as PowerBI).
  • Ability to design, structure, and model data in databases especially easy to use designs for analysts and applications
  • Ability to develop structured approaches for data storage, data access, and business logic.
  • Experience in front-end development in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS (We use React & Redux with Jest. Experience with other modern frameworks is great too, such as Angular).
  • Experience in back-end development (We use KNIME Server and may use AWS Lambda with Python or Node.js. Experience with similar server development languages is great too, such as Java).
  • Git/Bitbucket version control experience

Employee Testimonials

Olivia Adams
Lead Member Of Technical Staff

“I enjoy working at athenahealth because I am making something that matters.  My passion isn’t writing code - it’s what writing code enables me to do, which is make something for other people.  And there’s no nobler cause than healthcare.”


Sherry Cheuk
Product Operations Manager

“athenahealth has a mission to transform healthcare, which is something I really admire.  Every company out there is trying to grow, but I think our focus on making an impact and delivering value is really powerful.  Our work is about improving people’s lives.”