: Lead Data Scientist, Customer Domain
275 Wyman St
Waltham, MA 02451

Employee Testimonials


We are Vistaprint, a member of the Cimpress family (NASDAQ: CIMPR), the world leader for mass-customized marketing products, serving almost 20 million small and medium sized businesses locally in 20+ countries. Working across the globe in a truly international team, we are shaping the digital revolution in printing and mass customization. Over the past 25 years, we grew from startup to $2.75 billion in annual revenue and are confident that we still have a huge, multi-year growth opportunity ahead of us. Our confidence is driven by two primary factors: firstly, ~80% of the market segment for small businesses’ marketing materials is still served through traditional offline channels, often lacking the convenience and cost advantages from greater scale that we can offer our customers. Secondly, there is a significant opportunity to accelerate our activity in adjacent product segments such as packaging, apparel, signage, or corporate line of business accounts. We are a profitable business with an entrepreneurial mindset, and throughout our history we have proven our commitment to investing for long-term horizons.


Since our inception, Vistaprint has sought to disrupt our market and to build a transformational and enduring business. Over the past 20 years, we’ have reinvented ourselves frequently in service of this mission. Change is in our DNA.



It is an exciting time to join Vistaprint as our founder, Robert Keane, recently stepped back in to lead Vistaprint as CEO and, is building out a new executive team. Together with all employees, we are renewing the company’s focus on delighting customers, fostering an entrepreneurial culture and accelerating our world-class capabilities.


At Vistaprint, we believe that everything we do has a lasting impact on our customers and on each other. It begins and ends with a passion for helping our customers succeed. To give them our best, we empower our team with the autonomy they need to make smarter decisions and pursue higher value. We thrive on exploration, collaboration, and helping every customer grow their business beyond imagination. Fueled by technology and innovation, we are so much more than business cards.


Putting Your Expertise to Work


As an expert in the customer domain, you will create data-driven segmentations, develop cutting edge algorithms, curate predictive and descriptive customer features, and provide expert insight to increase our understanding of customer behavior and needs.   You’ll partner with business stakeholders to define problems and develop models to inform all aspects of our customer-driven business.


You will join a community of Data Scientists in our Data and Analytics (DnA) organization, working alongside business analysts, technologists, data engineers, and business stakeholders to solve critical challenges and help us maintain our customer focus.  You’ll seek ways to improve, communicate openly, and be an active problem-solver. Throughout the design, development, and delivery stages you will surprise yourself with new levels of professional and personal growth. 


Essential Functions


  • Engage with stakeholders to consult around analytical project requirements, define success metrics, explain methodologies and results, and negotiate deliverables.
  • Build new models, segmentations, and algorithms; as well as analyze pre-existing data products, provide suggestions on how to evolve, and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Deliver a range of custom Data Science projects that may include Customer Propensity Modelling (churn, acquisition, next product); Customer Lifetime Value; Share of Wallet; Hypothesis Testing; the list goes on. 
  • Contribute to a customer platform which makes available a set of predictive and descriptive data point which will be consumed in a broad set of data products (predictive models, reports, and visualizations).
  • Materially contribute to a roadmap making customer data products a core capability at Vistaprint



Skills and Experience We’re Looking For:

  • Ph.D./M.S. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Operational Research or related quantitative field (Ph.D preferred) 
  • 5+ years of advanced machine learning and modelling experience; 2+ years of experience in the customer domain (which may include segmentations, customer LTV, and propensity models) 
  • Extensive experience in model development, model validation and model implementation for large-scale applications
  • Excellent programming skills in SQL and Python or R
  • Strength in clarifying and formalizing complex problems
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability to convey mathematical results and concepts to non-science stakeholders
  • Communicating and managing work in a cross-functional environment


Considered as a plus:

  • Spark, Java, Scala
  • S3, Azure, Databricks
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Experience using standard libraries (scikit-learn, MLlib, TensorFlow, MXNet, PyMC3)
  • Agile working methodology
  • Relevant work in an e-commerce environment
  • Experience mentoring or managing junior scientists


And a few reasons you will love it:

  • We will give you the chance to learn from some of the best global talents in this field. You will grow with us and we will make every effort to support your professional development.
  • You’ll love your colleagues and teammates. You will work with people who are as energetic, smart and driven as you are. We’ve got an amazing team and we thrive off each other – you’ll thrive too.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference. You will be working on projects that can have a real impact on decisions & results – we are a very data-driven company and Data Science is a massive driver of Vistaprint’s innovative outlook

Employee Testimonials

Adam Lawless
North American Public Relations Lead

I’ve worked in a variety of environments throughout my career and I’ve always been told that having work-life balance was a priority. Not until coming to Vistaprint have I seen this ideology followed through on and put into practice so effectively and passionately with ample paid time off and work-from-home opportunities. I see Vistaprint as an extended family, but we never forget that each team member has a life and family outside that needs as much attention and care. I look forward to coming to work each and every morning. But more importantly, I know that when I’m needed at home, I’m able to put my full attention where it’s needed.”

Andrew Holmes
Sr. Analyst

Vistaprint has a culture that allows me to feel psychologically safe to communicate honestly, I am enabled to share and receive feedback early and often. With regular touch bases with my manager, I can control my development, finding opportunities to take on projects that challenge me to work on areas of improvement or/and showcasing my strengths.

Sebastian Klapdor
Chief Data Officer

What stands out to me the most about Vistaprint is the culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and putting the customer first. It feels like a $1.5bn startup with quick decision making, a fail-fast approach and agile teams that can pivot when something doesn’t work out. 

Veronica McCarthy
VP, Technology

Vistaprint is going through a transformation, and we are using technology in new and unique ways to deliver jaw-dropping value for our customers. The work of the technology team is the engine that is driving Vistaprint’s success now and into the future as we build and maintain flexible, scalable cloud-based microservices architecture using APIs. Our tribe and squad structure gives the technology teams autonomy to determine their own roadmaps and how they will achieve their goals using innovative strategies.  We work backwards from customer outcomes and experiences to drive our roadmaps. We are a community of builders creating the next generation of ecommerce in mass customization a reality.