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Head of Customer Service
745 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

As the Head of Customer Service at Fasten you will ensure our riders a high level of customer service by leading a team of skilled representatives to field any questions or concerns they might have. You will be leading a team on the front lines, who will represent Fasten to the outside world and aim to make our rider experience as seamless as possible.

Not only will you be working cohesively with the team itself, but you will also be responsible for generating and implementing quality improvement ideas as well as evaluating team performance through quality control measurements, such as observations, feedback, data, and customer complaints and compliments. If you are empathetic, organized, charismatic, and are passionate about delivering a high level of customer satisfaction, you will be wildly successful in this role. 


  • You are attentive, empathetic, responsive, responsible, customer-oriented and imperturbable.
  • You are a role-model for others; people respect you.
  • Compassionate, candid, and possess effective leadership skills.
  • You are looking for a ground floor opportunity where you can grow with the company while making a big difference.



  • The ability to take direction once, and have it become habit immediately.
  • Extensive supervisory experience in online support (in the transportation industry is an added bonus).
  • History of building out and managing great support teams.  
  • Administrative experience with Zendesk (or similar online support systems).
  • High-level communication skills.
  • Startup experience.



  • Work closely with the founding team to help establish clear processes and execute critical support needs today with a vision for what’s around the corner.
  • Develop and implement Support SOPs.
  • Coordinate and communicate with HR for recruiting, training, and onboarding all new team members
  • Create onboarding and KPI-focused development goals to prioritize growth and retention.
  • Prepare reports by collecting and analyzing customer information.
  • Analyze team performance to drive improvement in KPIs and close performance gaps
  • Effectively respond to escalated customer service issues to ensure proper resolution
  • Be available by phone evenings and weekends for emergencies or important questions



At Fasten, we believe ridesharing will be a mainstay in the future of transportation. But only after ridesharing companies make serious changes to the way they operate. For instance, charging 20% commission from drivers is unsustainable. We have a different approach. We believe in being fair to drivers while staying affordable for riders. And we believe that’s how ridesharing will grow.


Ridesharing is a vital part of the urban mobility framework and is growing exponentially. Investors around the globe have entrusted ridesharing startups with tens of billions of dollars because of their potential to usher in a new era in the way people move about in cities.

We offer a unique, ground-floor opportunity to play an important role in this exponential growth. Come join our team of successful serial entrepreneurs and help us make ridesharing more affordable for everyone.

Category: Client Services

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