: Growth Hacker & Startup Utility Player
4 Liberty Sq, 400
Boston, MA 02109


Imagine working for a groundbreaking startup changing the way individuals build wealth. Knox is exploding, voted one of Boston’s top 50 startups by BostInno, and we are growing rapidly. We are changing the homeownership pattern by making it incredibly easy to turn a home into an investment property when you move out - delivering a product that builds wealth faster and with less volatility than stocks and bonds. We are looking for someone who wants to get in on the ground floor of a high growth, VC backed startup and help us scale this amazing product by bringing their focus and brainpower to bear on every part of the business.

In this position, you will wear many hats on a daily basis. Your job is to work on whatever issue is holding us back from growth or to give help wherever we need an extra set of hands and feet. You will work across Operations, Sales, Property Rentals, Growth Hacking, Marketing and Product. You will help us build replicable processes and systems as we deliver value to our property owner clients and delight tenants. To thrive in this role, you need to be driven, organized, and be excited by big challenges and bigger opportunities. The ideal candidate understands property, real estate, and the value and the function of homes and buildings.

You will spend time in several of our departments to learn the ropes of the businesses. You will also take on special projects and fill in gaps where needed. After a year as a utility player, you’ll likely find a role in our growing organization that you want to take on for the long term. You’ll find numerous opportunities at Knox to learn and grow.


1. Help turn Knox into a global force for wealth generation
2. Work with operations to onboard clients
3. Work with tenants and prospective tenants
4. Assist with marketing, data work, and integration
5. Growth hacking
6. Daily use of systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and others

Responsibilities to develop as the company expands

Requirements & Skills:

1. Bachelor's Degree or equivalent
2. Must possess strong organizational and management skills.
3. Experience working in a rapidly growing organization or startup is a plus.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills. You must know how to write well.
5. Self-motivated, flexible, and detail-oriented.
6. Must be comfortable in a fast-changing and developing work environment

Location: Our office is currently located in downtown Boston. You are likely to find yourself traveling to units around Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville and beyond.

Salary range reflects cash compensation, option package, and full benefits.