: Enterprise Sales Engineer - Spanish Speaking
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Sales Engineer

Are you ready to transform the education landscape? At edX, we offer highly-driven intellectually-ambitious individuals an opportunity to work in a dynamic non-profit organization with a mission to deliver world-class education to everyone, everywhere. Since 2012 we have enabled more than 30 million learners of all ages, social status, and income, worldwide, to gain the in-demand skills and transformative knowledge they need in order to unlock their careers and achieve success in their lives.

Our B2B business line is growing rapidly and we are looking for an Enterprise Sales Engineer to join our expanding team. Enterprise Sales Engineers are integral members of edXs Academic and Enterprise Sales team, working to cultivate our global customer base and reach as many learners as possible. This multifaceted, cross-functional role demands an action-oriented thinker with a proven capacity to identify patterns from ambiguity, a stubborn refusal to settle, an innovative perspective, and a customer is always right mentality. You will be viewed as the expert to edXs customers and team members, and you will have the opportunity to build meaningful business relationships, apply both sides of your brain, and make a truly significant impact on the lives of many, many people!

Responsibilities: Support the edX for Business Sales Team and our Customers

New Business (Win Customers!)

  • Support the edX for Business / edX Online Campus sales process with engaging presentations and demonstrations, and expert-level technical guidance on edX for Business products and services.
  • Interpret and communicate customer technical requirements to edXs Sales, Customer Success, Account Management, Information Technology, Legal, Finance, and Product Delivery teams.
  • Support onboarding of new edX for Business and edX Online Campus customers, escort/train edX for Business customers with systems integration requirements, and leverage product and field knowledge to recommend and deliver streamlined customer solutions.

Existing Business (Alleviate Customer Pain!)

  • Provide consulting services, how-to guides, technical tips, and best practices to existing edX for Business and edX Online Campus customers
  • Identify, diagnose, and escalate customer requests to the edX Product Delivery team, and deliver localized/internationalized solutions and/or workarounds to customers when required.
  • Respond to customer requests for support within one business day, and set customer expectations for issue resolution within one week

Business/Product Development (Grow New Sales Channels!)

  • Advocate for edX for Business customers. Share competitive intelligence, with real-world examples and provide detailed customer requirements and clear statements of work describing customer needs/challenges to the edX Product Delivery team.
  • Work with edXs Enterprise Data Analyst to design and deliver key performance indicators and visualizations for measuring and monitoring customer investment utilization, learner engagement, and educational effectiveness/transformation.
  • Develop robust relationships with LMS, LXP, and related technology partners. Develop, trial, and deliver new integration capabilities with relevant vendors and third-party solution providers.
  • Experiment with new tools and technologies leveraging skills taxonomies and course metadata for skills gap analysis, customer catalog curation, learning pathway development, and competency mapping.


  • Team Player: Collaborate with colleagues having different levels of knowledge and skills, from different backgrounds - Customers, Sales Representatives, Success Associates, Product Managers, and Software Engineers.
  • Start-Up Mentality: Work collaboratively on a small team in a high growth environment. Experience wearing different hats and taking on additional responsibilities outside of your day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Bias Towards Action: Showcase strong initiative and self-motivation; effectively juggle multiple priorities while retaining a sense of urgency. Strive to exceed team and individual metrics. Apply objective criteria and intuitive knowledge to prioritize a series of items or tasks.
  • Problem Solver: Strong analytical and expert troubleshooting skills. Ability to step back and see the big picture. Articulate the full scope of a problem and its possible solutions, and provide recommendations for which path to choose.
  • Data-Driven: Comfortable working with analytical tools and reporting; experience constructing cohesive business cases and advocating for customers through the use of accurate information and data sets.
  • Robust Domain Knowledge: Distributed/networked systems integration experience - technology, workflow, and troubleshooting. ITSEC/Cybersecurity experience - ISO 27001, SOC-2, CSA, NIST, PCI, SAML
  • Expert Technical Skills: Minimum of three years of experience in full-stack web application development, including SQL, Python, HTML, and Javascript. Experience designing, constructing, and interacting with web services APIs. Experience with logging and monitoring tools such as Splunk, New Relic, and Google Analytics. Proficiency with analytical tools including Tableau, Excel, and Google Sheets.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal communication and business/technical writing skills. Ability to speak both technical and non-technical languages to bridge customers, sales, and product/engineering to facilitate problem-solving. Business-level written and spoken Spanish
  • Flexibility: Availability to work off-hours, extended work days, and/or weekends when needed -- we are in growth-mode!


  • Experience dealing with academic, corporate, and government learning and development markets
  • Educational technology domain experience, knowledge of instructional design and key principles of teaching, pedagogy, and assessment
  • Engineer-level experience with Docker, Django web application framework, Open edX, Snowflake, OLAP, ETL, Warehouse

Employee Testimonials

Sherisse Viray
Sr. Accountant

“What I enjoy most about edX is the people. They are so friendly and often reach out to learn more about what each other's interests and hobbies are outside of work (IE world travel, hiking and skiing/snowboarding).” 

Julia Henderson
Manager of Learner Support & Operations

"I am thrilled to be working at a company where my bias to action is appreciated and encouraged. I feel truly empowered to make important decisions, and know we'll reflect and adjust our ideas continually, so we can provide great resources and a high level of support for our learners and partners."

Carol Tong
Principal Tech Writer

“I love working at edX. The work environment is diverse, open, and collaborative. I’m inspired by edX’s mission, as well as by the fact that it’s open source and a nonprofit.”