: Electrical Engineer

Owl Labs’ mission is to solve a problem we’ve all experienced: meetings suck, and they are especially painful for the remote participants on the other side of the call. Considering the rapid growth in remote and distributed work, this is a perfectly timed problem for Owl Labs to solve. The market is hungry for products and content that make remote and distributed work better.

We are seeking an Electrical Engineer to join our cross-functional team to design and implement complex industrial, commercial, and domestic electrical systems, as well as perform risk and reliability assessments and ensure compliance with international standards and codes. The ideal candidate is a motivated and experienced electrical engineer with relevant experience in robust, low-noise audio frequency mixed signal design in a noisy and challenging environment - and - a candidate who is excited, flexible, and able to work effectively in a rapidly changing organization.


What You’ll Do

We are looking for an electrical engineer who will help us advance our IoT products, systems, and applications. On a daily basis, you’ll carry out some of the various engineering tasks as listed below:

  • Participate in the development of exciting new world class video conferencing & remote collaboration products.
  • Learn and bring in new digital and mixed signal technologies to the Owl Labs product development team.
  • Develop and design digital and mixed signal circuits for new video conferencing  & remote collaboration products within a multidisciplinary team (acoustics, audio processing, mechanical engineering, testing, etc).
  • Capture schematics and guide PCB designers on optimum circuit layout.
  • Perform circuit simulations and tests for new designs when necessary.
  • Measure and test new prototype designs; debug and improve those designs as necessary - both as an individual and working with lab technicians.
  • Navigate the thin line between the extensive analytical and academic aspects of the job & the fast-pace of development required in a growing startup environment; provide balance between science experiments and getting stuff out-the-door.
  • Ensure design compliance with common IEC and FCC standards and regulatory requirements (including EMC, ESD, safety, reliability, RoHS, and performance robustness).
  • Design and implement thorough ESD (and various other reliability) tests to be performed in-house.
  • Troubleshoot EMC issues during compliance testing.
  • Support the ops team in finding and validating alternative source components and guiding validation efforts as necessary.
  • Coordinate with the testing team to propose validation testing plans; guide the testing team in their setup and execution; analyze and act on the results.
  • Coordinate with the testing team, mfg team, and ops team to propose production line testing plans and fixtures; guide them in their setup and execution.



More than a candidate that checks every box, we’re looking for people who are excited to work, learn, and grow at Owl Labs—no matter their background or how they identify. If that’s you, we hope you’ll apply for this role.


  • Hands-on experience with complete ownership of digital and mixed signal electronics design in a high volume product environment.
  • Previous experience successfully trouble-shooting and demonstrating system level technical knowledge - especially centered around prototyping and new system bring-up.
  • Proven experience working across disciplines such as audio and acoustics engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, radio engineering - and other product development teams including those outside of engineering - such as operations, ID, UX, packaging etc.
  • Proven aptitude to take on new technical challenges and learn new technical skills on-the-fly and apply the knowledge to solve the issue at hand.
  • Deep knowledge of electrical PCBA manufacturing processes.
  • Solid knowledge in high speed digital peripherals and interfaces such as: memory bus I/F (NAND, eMMC,LPDDR3 SDRAM, etc.), video interfaces (MIPI, HDMI, HiSPi), high speed  data peripherals (USB, SDC, etc.), audio interfaces (I2S, PDM, analog), and standard peripheral interfaces (UART, SPI, USIM, I2C, JTAG, etc).
  • Knowledge and experience in digital audio concepts and hardware.
  • Hands on experience with lab equipment - oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, etc.
  • Hands on experience with software CAD tools such Cadence/ORCAD (preferred),  Altium, or others.
  • Hands on experience with software simulation tools such as LTSPICE, PSPICE, or others.
  • Energy and thoroughness, curiosity about how and why, and passion for the work. 
  • Ability to use simulation/analysis tools and best engineering judgment to close issues quickly.
  • Well-developed reporting and communication skills, including the ability to explain and summarize technical and complicated issues.
  • Track record of thorough documentation and timely results.
  • Strong sense of ownership, able to execute on designs as well as explain design decisions to others within the context of a small startup environment.
  • Excellent time management and problem-solving abilities.
  • Proven team leadership skills or willingness to develop them.
  • Ability to travel up to 20% annually (both nationally and internationally).

The best candidates will have:

  • Experience with low noise (better than 16-bit) analog-to-digital converter hardware and concepts.
  • Firm understanding of noise floor, dynamic range, signal-to-noise concepts.
  • Professional or enthusiast level experience with acoustics and transducers (speakers and microphones) - as well as how to develop high-level tests for these systems.
  • Experience with multi-level, end-to-end closed/embedded-system testing where signals have to pass through many layers of HW and SW processing.
  • General understanding of microwave signals as they pertain to Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • General understanding of WiFi and Bluetooth topologies and standards.
  • Strong electrical engineering background in analog and digital design for audio/video and tele-comm products.
  • Strong understanding of mobile and IoT products including smart phones, radio modules, cameras, ASIC’s, etc. 
  • Experience using RF and/or EMC test equipment (network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, Agilent or IQFlex WiFi analyzers).
  • Knowledge of compliance and regulatory requirements and testing procedures (ESD, EMC, safety).
  • MS in electrical engineering.

Owl Labs is 33% remote and headquarters are based in Boston, MA. This role can be either an on-site or remote position. Please specify in your application. Our team is currently working 100% remote due to COVID-19. Our return to the office is currently TBD.

Please submit a cover letter with your application explaining why you think you’d be a great fit as our Electrical Engineer.


Who We Are

With $22.3M funding from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, and Playground Global, Owl Labs has created the Meeting Owl, a 360° smart video conferencing camera that sits in the center of the table and uses robotics algorithms to automatically highlight different people as they talk. After launching the product in June 2017, thousands of companies have purchased the Meeting Owl, saying it offers the most natural and inclusive meeting experience they’ve ever seen.

Owl Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to our values of embracing inclusivity and creating a culture where everyone feels respected and connected, no matter the location of their work environment. We invite applications from people of all walks of life and are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities in our recruiting process. If you need accommodations due to a disability, please let us know.

What We Offer

  • Option to Work Remotely: We practice what we preach. Employees work at our Boston HQ, across the US, and often work a hybrid mix of in-office and remote.
  • Flexible Schedule: We all work hard, and so we believe in working whenever you're at your best.
  • Free Health Insurance: Enroll in Owl Labs's health plan for $1 for you and your family.
  • Unlimited Vacation: We have big goals. It makes sense to take what you need, when you need it.
  • Celebrate Inclusivity: Owlers get important holidays, including International Women's Day, Indigenous People's Day and MLK Day.
  • Incredible Team: Learn alongside phenomenal folks from some of Boston's most successful tech companies.