: Director of Product Design
61 Broadway
New York, NY 10013


Your role in our mission

Were on a mission to build intuitive, personal help and anticipatory technology into one of the most important spaces in our lives: our home. As a startup at the intersection of four multi-billion dollar industries - real estate, technology, service and commerce - Hello Alfred is a new kind of company: trusted to serve consumers past their front door.

Partnering with the largest real estate developers in the world, Hello Alfreds footprint has grown rapidly in the last three years and currently operates in more than 20 markets across the United States, offering an ever-expanding roster of services and experiences to provide help and enhance the lives of residents. We are looking for extremely inspired and talented people to join our team at a moment of extreme growth.

How youll help us to be successful

As the Director, Product Design at Hello Alfred, youll take on tough interaction and service design challenges, and youll work on new ideas that will transform how people live in high density cities.

Alfred is currently working through a total rebrand and complete overhaul of our resident facing app and B2B building webapp called AlfredOS. This role would help lead this redesign and work closely with our design and engineering teams to see them come to reality.

As a startup that occupies the intersection of service, technology, real estate, and retail commerce, we are a new kind of company creating a new category of business. As such, were looking for experienced designers who are driven by learning, strong design fundamentals, strategic thinking, and who are excited by the challenge of developing solutions in a space that has yet to be designed for.

  • Lead design projects across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product launches. Youll set the vision for the user experience and get the opportunity to learn from your work through iterating quickly and shipping often.
  • Rapidly produce multiple concepts and prototypes; knowing when to apply pixel-perfect attention to detail, and when to make low-fi sketches and prototypes.
  • Drive research initiatives in order to better understand the people who use our products.
  • Be autonomous. Youll take full ownership of your work, and you take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way.
  • Help grow a collaborative, optimistic, and supportive culture.

What superpowers youll use

  • Visual design: You have exceptional command of visual composition, typographic hierarchy, and creating scalable UI solutions. From the overarching user flow to refining small details in UI you will ensure a cohesive experience across Hello Alfred. Youre a designer equally invested in crafting visual and user experience design.
  • User experience: Through your design process you will strive to minimize the complexity of our systems into thoughtful user experiences. Youll have experience shipping products, observing how people used them, and iterating toward improvement until solutions are elegant in usability and efficient in achieving outcomes.
  • Research: Using qualitative and quantitative data, youll identify important product insights. Youll identify opportunities to collect feedback to make informed choices; knowing when to develop full user studies, and when to quickly get usability confirmation internally and ship. We believe great design is created in the intersection of rational analysis and creative leaps.

Who you are

  • Product thinking: You will have an understanding of what makes products successful and how your design work impacts the larger goals of the company. You turn user needs and business goals into clear and compelling services that keep people coming back over and over again.You will be involved in defining product strategy, conducting research that helps the team appropriately prioritize initiatives, and will develop a sense for Hello Alfred technology stack in order to create impactful solutions. Youll bring a strong track record of making sound strategic design decisions that balance the needs of the user, the business, and the brand.
  • Team collaboration: You will develop an understanding about the work of other disciplines that make up the whole of Hello Alfred in order to help facilitate the most productive and empathetic environment for the work we do together. In order to leverage the knowledge of all members of the Hello Alfred team, youll be expected to run productive brainstorms and discussions that help contribute to our collective understanding of our customers and the business.
  • Communication: We have a strong design critique culture where youll be expected to communicate complex ideas and solutions in a way that enables progress and exceptional design output. Youll share your work early and often, getting feedback from our collaborators, customers and partners, and are open to ideas while maintaining focus on your goal. On occasion youll direct and lead group conversations, presentations, and product reviews.

Youll click with us if you

  • Practice empathy
  • Conduct yourself with the highest integrity
  • Are thoughtful, self-reflective and always open to growing
  • Speak up with radical candor
  • Approach your work like an owner
  • Have a high and ever-climbing bar for excellence
  • Always do things the right way, even when its harder
  • Believe that #oneteam is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Leave no loops unclosed