: Demand Generation Lead

Company Description:

The backbone of the healthcare system is communication between patients and their doctors, among healthcare teams, and even between practices and third-party providers like pharmacies, labs, and insurance companies.

But healthcare communication today is broken. Its disconnected, siloed, antiquated, and highly inefficient and in worst-case scenarios, its even responsible for lost patient lives.

And especially in the current times, it is more important than ever to be able to communicate with and treat patients remotely. Both in-person and through telemedicine.

Were trying to fix that. Klaras mission is to transform communication in healthcare, so all patients can receive great care.

We believe that the future of healthcare will be amazing. It will be patient-centric and truly connected so medical teams can work together easily, information can be shared between people and systems seamlessly, and patients can always get the high-quality care that everyone deserves.

Though our mission is big, our team is still small. And thats where you come in.

We are a Series A startup thats growing quickly, with plenty of interesting challenges to tackle and foundations to build. Its an entrepreneurial environment filled with opportunities for personal growth, where there is no shortage of projects to own or game-changing ideas to suggest. We are autonomous, data-driven, humble, and transparent. We have a healthy irreverence for the status quo, and a relentless passion for making our users lives better. And we believe the power of a talented team can accomplish anything even revolutionizing healthcare.

About the Role:

Klara is looking for a Demand Generation Lead to lead Klara through its next growth phase. In this role, you will be responsible for the strategy, tactics and the success of all marketing channels.

Youll work with a growing B2B marketing team to scale qualified lead acquisition, build and continuously optimize digital marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), email automation, social, and event-based marketing channels.

As the Demand Generation Lead, you will be able to build a best-in-class B2B revenue marketing team and play a foundational role in Klaras rapid growth.

About you:

  • You are a tenacious, gritty, scrappy marketer that will stop at nothing to get a lead and is always in search of the next best channel
  • You have built a B2B Marketing Team for a fast growing company before
  • You have the ability to fail and try again
  • You are an expert in B2B marketing channels
  • You value the success of your team


  • Demand Generation and Channel Management - Meet and beat your quota by developing and executing on measurable integrated demand programs that drive revenue across all marketing channels
  • Team Management - Hire, train and develop the B2B Marketing Team. Be in lock step with sales leadership to ensure strong sales and marketing alignment
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence - Forecast, measure, analyze and report on the impact of demand creation activities on sales pipeline, revenue and sales cycle length.
  • Finance and Operations - Manage and optimize the marketing demand generation budget.
  • Develop and execute measurable integrated demand programs that drive revenue
  • Bring modern, effective marketing approaches to a high velocity sales and marketing organization
  • Design and implement high-impact programs that are optimized to deliver results across the marketing and sales funnel while hitting target metrics, including leads, pipeline, and high ROI campaigns
  • Manage, build and develop a growing marketing operations and demand generation team including inbound & outbound.
  • Define goals and metrics for all demand generation programs, including: lead management and nurturing campaigns, digital marketing programs, paid marketing, social media, outbound marketing (email & phone), events, SEO, marketing ops etc.. Interlock with sales leadership to ensure agreement on priorities, adjusting as required by changing market conditions and emerging opportunities
  • Forecast, measure, analyze and report on the impact of demand creation activities on sales pipeline, revenue and sales cycle length
  • Manage and optimize the marketing demand generation budget
  • Work collaboratively across the marketing organization to align around demand with events and programs -- including AR, PR, Content, Social and Product Marketing
  • Own marketing technology stack; evaluate and recommend new technologies to improve process and optimize performance
  • Communicate up, down and across the organization to ensure the best business outcomes from every Demand Gen priority and investment


  • 5+ years of marketing experience, with a focus on B2B campaign design and demand generation
  • You are a tenacious marketer that will stop at nothing to get a lead
  • Deep experience with digital acquisition channels, marketing automation and SaaS marketing at scale
  • Analytical and data-driven, proficient with multi-variate testing, B2B attribution models, personalization, and ABM
  • Extensive knowledge of success metrics, behavioral and demographic targeting, and ROI-driven marketing optimization techniques
  • Exceptional communicator and effective storyteller who can match the message to the medium and get results
  • Naturally operates cross-functionally, and engages both peers and executive audiences in dialogue so everyone can do their best work
  • Thrives in high-growth environments

Employee Testimonials

Account Executive
Mary Ellen
Account Executive

I think the reason everyone is so good at motivating and listening is because of our openness with each other — you are constantly getting feedback and support from your teammates. If you can trust your team, that means you can listen to them when they’re giving feedback and use that feedback to improve. And when we win? We celebrate those wins really well.

Product Manager
Product Manager

I see our team as a group of explorers, bravely sailing for a new world. We have many of the tools we need to succeed, but we never know what’s coming up on the horizon. So we are constantly learning, trying new things, and iterating — with hits and misses along the way.

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Healthcare is only going to continue to become more complex —technology providers are the ones who will ultimately solve the problems of the healthcare industry in the years ahead. We have to put patients first. As a Software Engineer at Klara, I get to be at the forefront of that.

Tech Leader
Tech Leader

I’m motivated by the technical challenges we face from time to time. That includes integration with new systems, application of new technologies, and updates to the current tech stack. No two days are the same here — and with all of these initiatives going on, the engineering team stays up to date on the best trends across the technological landscape.