: Data Science Researcher
Teikametrics is a leading maker of e-commerce AI. We help independent brands (both large and small) optimize their advertising, forecast demand, detect product issues and maximize overall profitability. While still at startup size (<150 employees), the company has significant annual-recurring-revenues, and has recently raised a Series A investment to fuel growth. Teikametrics is on target for over 100% revenue growth for its second year in a row.

Over 50% of all e-commerce sales are by independent, third-party sellers. The majority of these sellers are flying blind with nothing but basic spreadsheet software with which to manage their business. Our AI helps these sellers by providing deep performance analytics at a product level, as well as support for complex decision-making through a combination of econometrics and machine-learning.

Teikametrics offers competitive compensation and our benefits include a  matching 401(k) plan, quarterly bonuses, unlimited vacation, and stock options. Our culture emphasizes a sustainable work-life-balance and creativity rather than long-hours, and our team is organized to provide a high level of support and 1:1 mentorship for developers at every level.


We have an opportunity for a Data Science Researcher to join our team. This role will be responsible for designing and prototyping algorithms that analyze complex, large-scale data sets used for modeling, data mining, optimization, and predictive analysis purposes. The Researcher is also expected to identify novel ways to use our rich data sets to suport Teikametrics' stated business goals.

Required Skills

  • A Master’s degree in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, or Engineering, with 2 years of related experience;
  • Knowledge of and intererest in two or more of the following fields:
      - statistics
      - Bayesian inference
      - probability theory
      - stochastic processes
      - stochastic optimization
      - game theory
  • Ability to program in Python (for prototyping purposes)
  • Ability to write SQL queries of moderate complexity
Desired Skills
  • A PhD in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, or Engineering
  • Familiarity with Hamiltonian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
  • Familiarity with probabilistic programming languages (e.g, Stan, PyMC3)
  • Familiarity with optimization modeling languages (e.g. AMPL, GAMS, Pyomo)
  • Experience developing numerical software
  • Ability to blend math, algorithms, programming, and an understanding of human behavior.