: Customer Success Manager
What’s it like to work at Quick Base? Well, our company, our market and our customers are growing fast. This means all Quick Base employees are engaged in interesting and challenging work, we have the opportunity to try new and different things and lots of room for career advancement (1/3 of our employees are in a new role from 1 year ago!). We work with exceptional colleagues and foster an environment that empowers those closest to the work to make decisions and provide each other the support to move quickly and learn as we go. Quick Base combines the excitement and pace of a startup with the stability and work/life balance of a market leader. Find out if Quick Base is for you!
Position Overview:
We're looking for exceptional Customer Success Managers as we continue to aggressively grow! As a Customer Success Manager, you will serve as a trusted advisor to our customers. You have a consultative mindset and strive to please, embodying our company’s value of being Customer Obssessed. You can understand a wide variety of business objectives and processes across industries, tying them back to the Quick Base product, ultimately demonstrating the value of doing more with Quick Base. You will be critical in collecting the ‘voice of the customer’ and funneling feedback to appropriate channels. In short, you will own the success journey of our customers ensuring they have the right resources to realize their business objectives.
  • Drive Account Growth and Retention: Work with a broad set of customers to guide them through their desire to be successful with Quick Base; from goal setting and planning, to application building, governance, and deployment. Proactively engage customers ensuring they are receiving the value they expect and more.
  • Ensure Customer Objectives are Achieved: Quickly analyze customer's business objectives; determine the best approach for them to leverage our capabilities in order to maximize their return on using our platform. Partner with the customer to develop a blueprint for success, aligning objectives to solutions built on the Quick Base platform, and presenting best practices to strengthen their adoption of Quick Base and help ensure success.
  • Promote Adoption across Customer Organizations: Quickly and effectively analyze the adoption situation of customers; provide keen insight into exactly how customers are using Quick Base, anything we can do to improve their ROI on the service, and set them on the path to success.
  • Develop and Maintain Strong Relationships: Manage simultaneous customer engagements in an efficient, effective limited timeline with a focus on time to value. Cultivate relationships with business and technical personnel. Establish champions of the product and develop strategic relationships; drive continued value and become a trusted advisor.
  • Work Cross-Functionally for Shared Success: Work collaboratively with Account Executives and Customer Success teammates who are responsible for driving success across a diverse account base. Understand Customer Success offerings and escalate critical product issues.
  • BS or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years in a customer facing role in software services, engineering, or support
  • Experience implementing and/or supporting SaaS or other complex IT projects within large enterprises
  • Strong project management skills
  • Business process, data modeling and workflow experience
  • Experience communicating with customers, exhibiting effective influence and persuasion skills
  • Ability to propose best practices and success offerings to customers
  • Strong technical aptitude, familiarity with Javascript, relational databases and APIs
  • Effective contributing member in a small, high performance team
  • Excellent presentation, written and verbal communication skills
  • Very efficient work habits that allow a significant level of multi-tasking
  • Hands-on advanced knowledge of Quick Base a plus
  • Flexibility for travel (approximately 20%)

Employee Testimonials

Alice Hinshaw
Product Manager

What do you do at Quick Base?

I am a Product Manager. That means I get to help our new customers plan, build, and deploy their first apps with Quick Base. 

What does Customer-Obsessed mean to you?

Customer-Obsessed to me means always going the extra mile to make sure my clients are getting the most value out of Quick Base and to make sure they have everything they need to feel comfortable at every point in the building process. 

Tell us about a time you exhibited Quick Base's value of "Customer-Obsessed"?

After being out of the office for Empower and vacation I was checking in on the health of one of my accounts to see if they had registered for any University courses or submitted any Care cases etc. while I was away. I found they had submitted a Care case asking for ideas on how to set up a unique formula field that would count the number of records created each day and label each record with its number. I learned that this was an incredibly complex problem, so I got curious about this and decided to do a little more digging to see what I could set up. After a little tinkering I was able to come up with a creative, streamlined solution that I passed on to the client. They were thrilled I had taken the extra initiative to figure this out and we are slated to implement the solution in their app next week!

What's your favorite part about working at Quick Base?

My favorite part about working at Quick Base is getting to see all of the diverse ways our customers use it to solve their workflow problems. With such a versatile product I'm always fascinated to see how our customers have tailored it to suit their needs!

Steve Percoco
VP, Sales Strategy & Innovation

What do you do at Quick Base?

I get to help people, prospects and customers, transform the way they and the companies where they’re employed, do their work. I am forever impressed by the way teams put our technology to work in their business.

What does "Courageous" mean to you?

Doing what’s right, always, even if doing what’s right goes against the tide, the grain, the consensus.

How do you exhibit Quick Base's value of "Courageous"?

Pioneering and presenting new commercial approaches for customers and partners that are not yet stood up – but for which deliver value for Quick Base and our customers.

What's your favorite part about working at Quick Base?

I run to work every morning, gratefully, simply to have the chance to sell and help sales people sell our capability - the stories I get to tell after learning what our customers do with Quick Base.  It’s “expletive” awesome.


Ryan Murray
Senior Application Developer

What do you do at Quick Base?

I'm a senior application developer on the Business Enablement Team. I build the Quick Base apps that help run Quick Base!!

What does “Simplify” mean to you?

To Simplify something is to break down all the clutter and focus on what's truly important.

Tell us about a time in which you exhibited Quick Base’s value of “Simplify”?

Every day! Our colleagues will come to us with a problem or a process that they want to systematize. It's our job to Simplify that process and build it into Quick Base

What’s your favorite part about working at Quick Base?

Easily the people. We work with a great team full of passionate people who are always trying to make Quick Base better.

Meg Ashur
Senior Counsel

What do you do at Quick Base?

I work closely with teams across the organization to problem solve, and support them by providing legal advice. My day to day often includes contract negotiation, document drafting, calls with customers and vendors, corporate governance and compliance work, and keeping up with an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

What does "Trusted" mean to you?

Trusted means being a reliable resource to the teams that I support, and in turn, to our customers. It means being open when I don’t have an answer on the tip of my tongue, but then figuring out and providing that answer in time for it to be useful.

Tell us about a time that you exhibited Quick Base's value of "Trusted"?

As an attorney, I am bound by confidentiality obligations that make it difficult to describe a specific instance. I guess that in itself is an example of how I am "Trusted"! 

What's your favorite part about working at Quick Base?

I love the work environment. My coworkers are a major part of this—the people here work hard, are smart and creative, and are fun to be around. Everyone here contributes to moving the needle forward on our product and our in workplace. The way we work is another huge component—I love that we run our business on our product, we really live what we preach. I have a hand in creating the applications that I use every day to do my job. As a non-technical person, that feels really good.

Gev Hovsepyan
Senior Software Engineer

What do you do at Quick Base?

I’m Senior Product Manager at Quick Base, focused on platform governance and security.

What does “Exceptional” mean to you?

Exceptional for me means to wake up every day and know that you are going to do everything you can to be better person, professional, husband, etc. than yesterday.

Tell us about a time in which you exhibited Quick Base’s value of “Exceptional”?

Recently I helped to organize first  Quick Base Hackathon, and the reason I did that was because I wanted to do something more than just being good product manager, I wanted to serve the teams that deliver value to our customers every day.

What’s your favorite part about working at Quick Base?

Here at Quick Base we build product that helps our customers to be more productive, more agile, more effective every day, which saves them time and resources that they spend on things that matter to them. With every feature we deliver we are making an impact, and that’s my favorite part about working at Quick Base.